Sunday, October 21, 2012




I have been busy with  this fabric.


My Accuquilt Go Cutter has been smok’in…..  I keep waiting for it to go on strike!


I should be doing this…..but nope!


instead I have been using a lot of this!



To make this…..oh…sorry, I cleaned my room last night and it is folded neatly away.



Working with these (scraps)



and working on this…yep…folded up again as well.  I like my room to be semi decent on Sundays….


The Bejeweled sweat shop is closed today!


but I have to tell you!!!!!!  Another one bites the dust!

As of today, I sucked another innocent party into the sewing and fabric world.


All I have to say to her husband is to hang on to his wallet...HA!!!!

Cute Cute (young) gal at church wants to learn to quilt.  While visiting her last month I suggest that she learn to quilt.  Her husband is away during the week and she needs something to fill in the gap.  Here was my chance....

I jumped on this like a piece of thread to my nice outfit!

We plan to go fabric shopping this week.  Did I tell you she is cute?  She has an adorable little son.

All I have to say to that is "CHARGE IT!"


JustCindy said...

Good for you! Cleaning up and converting someone to be a quilter. You will have so much fun helping her shop for fabrics. Can't wait to see your secret project. You need to talk more, I miss you when you are so quiet.

suemac said...

Getting another poor soul hooked are you.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Oh, I love that red and green piece! It is beautiful! I want to know more about it. That poor young you take pity on her and don't lead her too far astray. LOL

SewCalGal said...

Thanks for the housecleaning tip on having a sewing room cleaned on Sundays. I'll try to work on it!

You are like a spider to the fly in the world of quilting.....great job recruiting another young person to our wonderful world of quilting! I'm glad she is in such great hands. Looking forward to seeing what she creates!



GerryART said...

You are a true ENABLER, aren't ya ! ! !

Of course, we all know she's gonna have a great time at her machine.


Mary said...

Glad to hear you hooked another one to the quilting world. What fun! Have a wonderful week!

Lesley said...

Love that wreath! Looks like you have lots on the go!

Rhonda said...

Barb, I nearly spewed me coffee while reading this post. Another one bites the dust.....LOL
And the steam-a-seam project....... that stuff is one of my favorites. I have stock in the company.....hehehehehe

Tangos Treasures said...

Yay for u on keeping ur sewing room clean!! Awesome on teaching a new quilter, hope she becomes a blogger too so we can cheer her on!

Wacky Woman said...

Oh you have been having fun! And, what fun to share your passion with a young girl.

hetty said...

You are like the quilt fairy! Everywhere you go you find someone to teach all of your wonderful, quilty wisdom to! Way to go Barb!

Unknown said...

You are too funny, another one bites the dust! lol We do tend to recruit for our passions.

Snoodles said...

Aha! And I know what jewels of advice you will be giving to get the fabric from the mailbox or UPS man's hands, without hubby seeing to keep the growing stash hidden....heehee!
Isn't it fun to "mentor" someone into the community? Can't wait to see what you've been working on!