Friday, December 15, 2017


As most of you know this months theme for Island Batik Ambassadors is Table Scraps.  My original post is just below this one. preparing for my January theme project for Island Batik Ambassadors using Alpine Jingle fabric, I had some left over scraps from the fabric I had cut and used fabric adhesive on.  I hate wasting those little scraps if I can't help it.  So I had cut out all of these hearts with my Accuquilt Go cutter.

Then what to do with them???

I love this little runner measuring 31 1/2" x 16 1/2"

Here is a close up.   I wanted the stitching to show up.  What I did was put the table runner together before I stitched down the hearts with my machine.

I divided the runner up in  3" squares, took embroidery floss and just went to town.

I used my machine to go around the red sashing and outside of the runner.

I even put the binding on before I did the hearts.

I did the hearts in stolen moments between running around or cleaning.

Well....I love it so much that I thought I would hand stitch my January quilt for Island Batik.


Just started stitching on it last night.  I am going to make a run for it.

It is just that I have an idea in my head, even now the idea is not panning out.  I want the stitches to show like in the heart runner but I am taking too small of stitches.....  So...may go back to square one?

Here are some of the project the Island Batik Ambassadors have done so far:








Tuesday, December 5, 2017


When I think of table scraps I think of the food that is left over that goes to the dog or chickens.  Better yet, if there is enough food left over for a meal I will freeze it and pull it out later when I don't want to cook and my husband is hungry.

As you can tell, we are not talking about table scraps in the literal form but in the form of using our Island Batik Scraps to make a table topper, runner, etc.

Personally, I love to dress up my tables. bureaus, dressers, end tables.  This is where my color comes in because I am basically a neutral person (I know, I make some pretty loud items). 
I tend to gravitate towards the louder side of life.

That being said....  Here is my Table Scrap

Made from my Island Batik Scraps.

                                                              I decided to make a dish mat

I know you are thinking  "Barb that is not a table topper".  You can use it as one but when I think of table scraps I think of doing the dishes.  Why not have something fun on your counter as you do so.

In fact, I had made a little dish mat for a friend and when I was visiting, she had a few forks and baby bottles on hers and I thought, wow, that actually looks nice.

I took a 17" x 15" piece of fabric for the backing, rounded the corners after all the fabric was sewn on.
Then added 2 layers of batting.

As you can see I started from the middle with one piece of fabric and did the quilt as you go method by putting another piece of fabric right side down on top of the middle fabric and sewed down one side. .

I just continued doing this all the way down one side of the mat and then from the middle out on the other side.

                                                                   Here it is finished

                                                                    with the binding on.

                                         Added a little Aloha with my Accuquilt Go flower die.

                                             Now if my little dish mat doesn't fit the bill.......

Here is a round topper, you can't see the metallic threads but this topper just glitters away.

This  topper is made with my Christmas Tree die and my Accuquilt Go cutter.

The Tree fabric is scraps from the "Alpine Jingle" line .  I have been working on my Island Batik project for January and just borrowed some scraps from it.

Here is a little candle mat, I call kissing reindeer using my Accuquilt Go cutter and reindeer die.

Both the Tree and the reindeer took a 13" square of gorgeous Island Batik fabric and yes, I did raid my scrap bin for the reindeer.

It is amazing what one can do with a few scraps.

I personally can't wait to see what the other Island Batik Ambassadors make and will try to post some of their things as time permits.

Friday, December 1, 2017


                                                There is no tree up at my house yet!!

                                               But I did drag out some of my creations

                                                                    I totally love.

This one above is sitting on my island in the kitchen.  It was made using the Accuquilt Go.

This is sitting on my dining room table and the fabric here is Henry Glass.

                              This tree is sitting on my end table in the living room

                     Now this one above is one of my most favorite.  It is a Thimbleberry design.
                                   Sitting on the other end table.

This is on my coffee table.

               I think I am going to swap this one above with the one on the kitchen island...

This is another favorite and usually sits out way past Christmas.

This is what is hanging in my sewing room.

I just love pulling out all of my Christmas decorations.  I am getting way too many....might have to start giving some away.


I am really excited about this months Island Batik Project.   It is called Table Scraps.....

How fun is this going to be!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Lady luck is on my side today.

My husband will be away for most of the day.

I say..... let the sewing commence.

I will not stop til I am done.

I really like how this is turning out. This is a secret gift for my man!!

As some of you know, I am using my Island Batik Scraps  for the chickens (fat cat patterns) but the sashing and borders will be from the Island Batik fabric line "Blue Moon".

I was worried that this would be to loud for my husband.  He is more of a neutral person but I think the "Blue Moon" fabric is toning it down some (ya think?)

Off I go....will let you know if I meet my goal of getting this done before he gets home.


Done with an hour to spare!!!!

I think I love it!!!  Now the story behind the quilt.  Many moons ago, I made my husband a chicken quilt.

sorry that is good as this picture gets.

Well....he didn't have it long.  I sold it in my etsy store.  One day I was talking about my etsy store and needing more quilts in it and he said, can sell my chicken quilt.  So I did, it was in the store maybe 2 weeks tops and it was gone.

We both laugh about it, the selling of his chicken quilt is a running joke in our house.

I wanted to have this done for his birthday but didn't make it, now it is his Christmas present.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


In August (post is here) I ironed all of my Island Batik Scraps

That is when I got the idea to do a Jelly roll race quilt, you can see a demo here.

I had so many strips, some 2 1/2" and some bigger.  I just cut the bigger ones down.

Here is my jelly roll race quilt with a small twist.

65" x 76 1/2"

I had oodles of 2 1/2" squares and so I would randomly put them in.  I actually like it and wish I had added more.

I truly enjoyed quilting this quilt.  I loved seeing all of the Island Batik fabrics.  Three years worth of gorgeous fabrics.

Monday, November 6, 2017

NEW "to me" (unique) STORAGE CONTAINER

My son and his wife gave us this old  1968 Post Office sorting container.  Don't really know the name of it.
I refuse to show you what the room looked like before.  We had an armoire that was a catch all, now my son and his wife have it. (embarrassed)

Now it is in my storage room off my sewing room.


I can't tell you how much better my sewing room and storage room looks.  I am just beyond happy.

My husband said he was surprised that it is almost full.

There is still plenty of room, the shelves are 2 ft. deep.

I need a label maker.

Cute baskets (that will come in time)

but for now....I am doing the happy dance.

Now when I tell you that this container is is stinking heavy.

I still can't believe that I helped my husband bring it into the house.

I told him we will have to go a few steps and rest a few steps.

We both were huffing and a puffing and probably was not a good idea for us to move it without help but we did.

Yea US!!

Secretly I am working on my chickens for my husband.

We have a sick grandson today so there will be no sewing.  He has already had a cold bath, popsicle,  no shirt and the fan is going.  I am freezing but anything to keep his temp. down.

Friday, November 3, 2017


          This morning while the little one was sleeping I cut out all of the shapes for these penguins.
                                  Then while he is napping, I put them together on a pressing sheet.
I do like my pressing sheet and have found that Heat N Bond works better than Steam a Seam when using the pressing sheet.  You might feel differently.

Here they are all ready to stitch up.

I just love making these towels (go figure).  I showed you my stash of towels at one time.  Now I have a hankering to make some...a bunch....  ok.... a lot more than a bunch..

On my blog post yesterday I was asked:

Did you use a stabilizer on the back when you blanket stitched? Appears your towels were made from different fabrics. Very cute by the way. Love me some batiks!

No, I do not use stabilizer and here are some towels I have had for years....I mean like five or more years and they have been washed a zillion times (okay so I am exaggerating but you get my drift).

                            Never found a need to use stabilizer except with machine embroidery.

This pink one was made without any kind of fusible, just glue.

I use any type of towel available and that is on sale.  Yesterday I did have one that was more nylon than anything else and I didn't like it but was there, was the color I wanted so I went with it.

Happy Toweling!!!