Monday, April 20, 2015

UP CYCLING - winner of the "Little Gem's" ebook and fabric

We had a little junk exchange at church on Friday and Saturday.  Great way to get rid of a lot of things but also have to use control when looking through others items hummmmm.....  Here WAS hoping I would go home with less.

When I brought this headboard home my husband said "What in the world did you bring home?"  I told him my plans for the head board (his eyes rolled)..... 
I did a humpf

immediately brought it in and did this!!!

Then wasted no time in using it.

Notice that table

 my mother's bed use to be there for when she wanted to come and visit.


I had a son leave home (no dancing here......... (smiling))

So............the bed went into the spare room and now I have more room.....and the sewing room is looking more like a sewing room.

The only thing I have left is to get a cabinet to hide all and I do mean ALL of the UFO's....

I tend to pile.

(still not dancing.....HA!!!!)  okay, maybe a little.

I was going to show you more of the room but....the fabrics need to be reorganized, I need to do something with the piles....Oh....I am also working on a project for Island Batik and.....a project of my own.

I had to find some fabric to finish my one project....can't wait to show you but yep....two projects going on so you can imagine the whirl wind.


The winner of the "Little Gems" e book and fabric is Sherry B.

Martingale - Little Gems (Print version + eBook bundle)

Ooooh, don't those fabrics look delicious! And your mini quilt is adorable. Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks for all of your awesome comments, sorry I have not responded to them all but please know it was fun reading them all.  A big thanks goes to Connie Kauffman,  Island Batik , and Martingale .  If you are interested in the book just click on Martingale.  What a fun book and a fun way to accent any wall in your home.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Little Gems" blog hop......e book giveaway and Island Batik Fabric giveaway

Holy Cow, these little gems sure pack a BIG punch!!!  If you love to paper piece, then you will certainly love this book.

Martingale - Little Gems (Print version + eBook bundle)

"Little Gems" by Connie Kauffman

Here is her "Spinners" quilt

Martingale - Little Gems (Print version + eBook bundle)

Images above are from Martingale by  Photographer, Brent Kane

Here is mine!  Looks like I have mine sideways but works!

Her instructions are easy to follow which makes paper piecing fun!

You can find her book here  as well as on Amazon.

The fabrics used are "Strawberry Fields" by Island Batik, The light background fabric is from the "Latte Foam" line.

I truly enjoyed this Little Spinner, of course the Island Batik fabrics made it even more enjoyable.

Thanks Connie for allowing me to be a part of this.

Martingale and Connie are giving away an ebook of her "Little Gems" on each participating blog hop, the winners will be announced on April the 20th on each site.

To add to the fun:

I am giving away 54 - six inch squares (26 colors, so you get 2 squares the same fabric)

This will give a lucky winner a chance to see, feel, and smell 26 awesome Batik Fabrics.

Just leave a  comment and do visit the other blogs for a strong chance of winning Connie's e book.

Be sure to go by tomorrow and visit Barbara at:

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Little Gem" Blog Hop

This "Little Gems" book is by Connie Kauffman - 15 original designs.  How stinking fun is that????

Martingale - Little Gems (Print version + eBook bundle)

 Images are by Martingale and  Photographer, Brent Kane

Each blog or website will be giving away an ebook so be sure to visit each one.

If you do not want to wait to see if you have won a free ebook, you can go here and order one at Martingale  or go to Amazon.

You will notice that beside each blog or website is the design each person has chosen.  These little gems will be done in Island Batik Fabrics which will certainly give it flare and a POP.  Gotta love Island Batik Fabrics.

Wednesday, April 8: Author Connie Kauffman remakes “Serenity”
Thursday, April 9: Martingale 
Friday, April 10: Connie  remakes “Playing with Plaids”
Saturday, April 11: Barbara remakes “Spinners”
Sunday, April 12: Barbara remakes “Daisy Daze”
Monday, April 13: Author Connie  hosts Ackfeld Manufacturing
Tuesday, April 14: Tammy Silvers remakes “Forest Fire”
Wednesday, April 15: Maryellen remakes “Radiance”
Thursday, April 16: Bea Lee remakes “Star Burst”
Friday, April 17: Linda Pearl remakes “Tranquility”
Saturday, April 18: Island Batik remakes “Cotton Candy”

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


HERE is my round "April Showers" topper

Here is a square one

I drug this out of my UFO pile yesterday.  I started this square topper and got as far as ironing the applique on and then set it aside.

I did not like the dead space in the corners.

Came up with the idea to put rain drops in there and now I really really like it.

Of course, the pictures is not as sharp as I would like and the colors are not as vibrant but you get the picture (no pun intended)

You just need a 30" square...and some raindrops and you are good to go.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


You might need your glasses to view this next item. 

It is very bright and coming from me....that is saying a lot.

I started this quilt while taking care of my mother.  I got as far as ironing the squares into triangles...and then quit.   

So.........while waiting for my #2 son to come in last night I put this fella together....had it sandwiched before going to bed.

Got it quilted while they were out fishing.

I think what I don't like about it is organization?  I like my colors more organized if that makes sense?  I used 2 charm packs....had a few left over.  Was thinking about making a quilt but I could see very quickly that if I was to do a quilt using this method that I would have to change my fabrics.

Friday, March 27, 2015


How many of you have gone to clean your sewing room.  Unearthed a pile and wonder to yourself


Here are two projects that when I came across them I went HUMMMMMMM and to be honest...I have a vague memory of making them.

Had to add borders and quilt them....EASY


My lovely Samoan Fabrics for the main colors....

I knew I had this project but I wasn't too happy with it.  I finally finished it and looks pretty good on the wall in my hall.  The fabrics are from Island Batik - Tequila Sunset and the background fabric is from Latte Foam.  Love these fabrics.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Saturday I was invited to a birthday get together for a friend.

What to take?

What to take?

It was already late in the day!

So...what does a gal do?  She goes and looks in her UFO pile,

that is what she does.

A few hours later!!

The birthday girl was thrilled!!! 

What was even better!!!  ONE UFO down!

Next is this Jelly roll race quilt.

Just needs a binding.  I have a few places where the machine refused to sew through some of the Samoan fabrics so I have to secure those places and then this will be done.

Happy Days!!