Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Was able to find the border fabric today when I was out and about and finally was able to finish this quilt.

54" x 70"

Sunday, July 27, 2014


A friend asked me to sew this little blanket for her daughter.  I wasn't too happy about the fabrics, slippery, but it did turn out awfully cute.

 Made this for the Handmade challenge for Sew Cal's blog, it isn't too late if you want to enter something.

Friday, July 25, 2014


I drug this top out of obscurity.  I started it in Virginia.

PROBLEM #1:  Memory Loss

WHAT WAS I THINKING?  Was there any rhyme or reason to this?  If I were to do it now I would place the squares differently.  I know, there is still time...but No way.....it is together and that is what it will be.

PROBLEM #2  Memory Loss

I have a few more squares to make in order to make it longer.  It took me forever, I know...some of you could just pick up where you left off and you are thinking...simple Log Cabin.  Well...for some of us it takes a little longer....(not the sharpest knife).  But it took me a few times of ripping out to get the square correct.  Now I just need to add them.  I kept thinking to myself, why didn't you just finish this when you were working on it.
 PROBLEM #3  Memory Loss

No name calling should be allowed when trying to pick up where you left off.

                                           Now this quilt was started in Samoa, I veered from the original pattern and had put borders on it and left off the horseshoes.  So I ripped off the borders and put the horseshoes on it and thought....What was I thinking????? in Samoa...I now want to follow the pattern.  HUMMMMM

PROBLEM #4  Memory Loss
Be sure to read all of the directions....or you just might cut the squares the wrong size.  YEP!!!!!  Not the sharpest knife.  I had machine stitched two blocks...went to cut to size.....  Once again...no name calling allowed!!!

So...you take your unfinished project, bundle it up...it has been forgotten.  You need a piece of fabric and you spot it in the bundled project and think (because you have forgotten)...oh I will just use a little of this.  When it comes time to go back to said project, you are now missing or don't have enough fabric.   Remember...no name calling allowed.

As you can see, it is so much more worth it to finish the project right then...at least to the top stage....Yep....it is easier said than done and I applaud anyone who does this.

I think.....don't take my word for it because sometimes projects just appear but I only have about two tops besides the ones above that are in the unfinished stage....That is my goal...to get those to the top stage and possibly done.  

Yep...You heard it here...GET UR DONE!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


This Scrappy quilt is 99" x 99"....how I came up with that heaven only knows but I love love how it turned out.
I wonder how this would work on my king size bed????

So................ I had such a debate about this quilt.

What color to make the sashings.....white, yellow, black???  Ended up with gray and I so love it.

Then the next debate was whether I should do a fancy border or just plain stripes.  As you can tell the stripes won out.  I felt if I made a fancy border that it would just become a UFO and besides this is just a Utility quilt, not a show quilt.

Next debate, should I do fancy quilting or just meander the puppy???  Once again, if I chose to fancy quilt it it might become a UFO.  Meandering would take less time and get the job done.  I will confess tho I was so tempted to do some fancy FMQ and still wish I had of but for the sake of time....I think I made the right decision.

Now on to pillowcases.

I also wrote down my time when I was meandering it on my domestic machine.  It took me four hours and nineteen minutes to quilt it.  It took me an hour to sandwich, iron, and add to the batting and about an hour to put the binding on.  So we are looking at a little over six hours from start to finishing the quilt top.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This is my scrap basket....these are all the scraps I have accumulated since my sewing room has been up and running here.

 This is me working on a scrap quilt.  If you have been reading my blog, it is okay to say you haven't...life is busy...but if you have been reading, my sister and I made a quilt a while back.

 She used here marblelicious fabrics and made two of these and I used my Samoan fabrics.
This pattern leaves you with a lot of scraps....my sister gave me her scraps and I got 144 small nine patches
 Here they are (excluded the row I am working on).  I decided to  assemble them together with my scraps...Scraps only were invited. See how I used my scraps in between four blocks and then took the same and did a border around each block?   After I put the blocks together I decided to put a gray sashing in between them.  We are just playing it by ear at this point.
 Same scrap basket after using up scraps (what the stink happened)?  Aren't the scraps suppose to go down?
 Then.....I ended up with a small basket of scraps (the makings of another quilt).....

So my question to you is.....WHEN does it end?????? 

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Using the Accuquilt Train Go Die and Fabric from Inchworm Fabrics which is Riley Blake Designs "Scoot" by Deena Rutter

I used my embroidery machine to put the name in the middle, after I got it embroidered I came up with the rest of the design.  I just love it, I hope the little gal it is for loves it as well.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I found this on ebay called Embroidery Machine Thread Netting.....how clever is this?  Well...I got to looking at it and it is no more than the Lei netting used to make Lei's....How smart is that?

 This red panel is going to be my thread holder (one day)....sigh......

 For now, my thread is just happy as a lark in this drawer....sometimes I line them up around my embroidery machine but for now....yep...call me organized!!!  Ha!!

There is nothing like thread to give a person that inspiration boost they need.....ummm ummmm delightful!!

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