Friday, December 2, 2016


This month's challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors is to make something (anything) for Charity.

When I think of Charity as in giving I am thinking of like March of Dimes, the Hospitals, Linus etc...

I was lazy, I wanted something near enough to me that I could take it straight over and not have to worry about forgetting.... 

So the thing that popped into my mind was the Wesely House where my mother is living.

It is an assisted living place.

When they get enough items they have an auction.

The residents get paper money throughout the week.

Winning at Bingo, Finding the Elf on the shelf are just a few ways to earn this money.

Then they have an auction.

All the ladies love my mother's little puppy.  So I decided to make a puppy and donate it to the auction.

I was so hoping you would not notice the dust on the table (blushing here)...I guess I could scoot the dog over the top and take care of that table.

I just love the various Island Batik fabrics and who doesn't love pink???

I am sure there is a store near you that sells Island Batiks to find out just go to their site and click on find store.  I know you will love the fabrics like I do.

Monday, November 28, 2016

WINTER WONDERLAND - Island Batik Ambassadors


                                                Better late than never right???

Did I tell you that the Island Batik fabric hardly fray?

Totally wonderful to applique with...raw edge or needle turn....

So I decided to make this bunting.

I love to sit and look at the fabulous fabrics.

I chose the lazy way out when I made these.

                                                 Folded my fabric to the length I needed

                                        Got my trusty triangle ruler and marked around it

                                                         see the markings

                          Then I pinned it in a few places, then used my pinking shears and cut around it.

Looks like this when unfolded but you are going to leave it folded.
I sewed a seam with my sewing foot next to the edge of the pinking part and then a seam 5/8 from the top for the ribbon to go through.

Then I blanketstitched the lettering onto the fabrics.

                                        Did I tell you that Island Batik fabric hardly fray?
                                                                 Of course I did!!!

    I love making hand towels and I love it even more when I go in my friends home and find it hanging on the stove handle.

To show you how much I love making them.....(that is an understatement)

I have a collection here:

You can tell I have been didgging....

A collection hanging here:

Some more here!!!

Great for a fast gift.

But I wanted to make some more Christmas ones

                       I just love this reindeer....if you have been to my blog you have seen him before.
                                                  One day I will make myself one.

I truly loved using my Island Batik fabrics for each of these projects.

I also love using my Accuquilt Go cutter

There will be more later....looking for my Santa one but can't find him.....

It is raining here in Texas......time to take a book and hide somewhere.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I can not begin to tell you what a month November has been so I won't.

Needless  to say there has not been much sewing until a few days ago or in between family crisis and issues.

I did get my sewing machine back, only cost me an arm...they let me leave with my leg.

Glad to get her home.

I had originally thought to buy another machine, downsize but then as I was looking at the machines and talking to my husband I noticed one thing I had forgotten about

............................... the longer neck.........................

for me that is a must I am sticking with my Pfaff  Quilt Expression 4.0.  She is now purring so you won't hear a complaint from me (least ways not any time soon...hopefully).

We did drop off my Embroidery machine and decided that it was cheaper to fix it than to get a new if you see me know they took my leg this time.

During all of the goings on here I had failed to mention that one of my patterns is on page 50 of the Island Batik Fall/Winter Catalog 2016.

I was really excited about this.

Right now I am working on a project for Island Batik

If  you don't hear from me before Thanksgiving...hope you have a wonderful one with friends and family....remember to turn your scales back ten pounds.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Are you ready for this???

This is my sewing machine.

I have loved this machine.  Still do.

Here is the problem.  I think the even feed has gone out.  I can not sew on this machine.  I can blanket stitch and quilt but it won't will sew but does not sew correctly and makes it a chore...I have to pull the fabric through.


It has been this way for months.

See this machine?

It is my embroidery machine.  It sews beautifully but just recently  has decided to cut off while I am sewing.

I will sew and it will stop....I have to patiently wait for it to turn back on.

I will so some it goes.    

I have been playing musical machines.  I would sew on my embroidery machine and quilt on it if that was the machine I was on at the time and blanket stitch and quilt on the other machine.

What a circus!!!!

So...........................  none of this would be a problem but

the cost to work on the embroidery machine is 150 to just look at it.



It is about 100 to look at my sewing machine.

Here is my quandary

I don't want a fancy sewing machine anymore.  I just want one that will do a pretty straight stitch and do the blanket stitch.  I do want the even feed.  Any suggestions?

Thinking about a different embroidery machine instead of a pfaff...not happy with the automatic cutter.  Any suggestions?

I need help.  The fun has gone out of sewing....gotta have the right equipment.

My husband says to just get them fixed.  I say get new machines.

What say you?

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Art With Fabric Blog Hop

During this week I have seen some amazing pieces that have so blown me out of the water.  To be honest I truly do not feel I belong in this group of hoppers.

It has been fun to see what inspires others and how they interpret the designs they have chosen.

We were asked to pick an art piece (painting, drawing sculpture, architecture)...Anything and put a twist to it or how ever you want to do it.  We can use any kind of technique we chose using fabrics.

For myself I have chosen Picasso


I have taken this exert from Lisa's history room

"the “Dove of Peace” Picasso had created for the 1949 Paris Peace Conference had caught on. It had become a symbol for the peace movement, the Communist Party, and other liberal groups. In the years that followed, Picasso agreed to create other peace doves for conferences across Europe.
The modern peace dove is a more whimsical bird than the 1949 original. This proud bird is portrayed in happy flight, bearing numerous bouquets of olive branches and flowers in its wings, beak, and feet.

Here is my piece using Island Batik Fabrics

I chose this piece because we live in such troubled times and I know that the majority of the people on this earth truly want peace.

I had planned to use ribbon instead of his squiggly random colors but that didn't work so I just have Peace coming out of his mouth and some hearts because I know peace is in the hearts of most mankind.

There is only one other blogger posting today

Chris @ chrissquiltinguniverse (

If you have not been to all of the other blogs, please do go by.  Certainly a source of inspiration.

Thanks Alida for allowing me to be a part of this amazing blog hop.

Monday, October 10, 2016


Here in Texas you can definitely tell that Fall is in the air.

I truly love this time of year.

Several years ago I started making

Kim Schaefer's Calendar Quilts.

I made about five of them and now my daughter in law has them.

So I decide to continue to make them

This is her pumpkin one.

                                       Here is mine using the awesome Island Batik Fabrics

I kinda made it my own...tweeked it to my own liking.

At the risk of repeating myself, Island Batik fabrics are so wonderful to use in applique, they hardly ravel at all which makes it so nice.

Here are some of my fall patterns that you can find on craftsy.

Scarecrow Kitchen Towel and Pot Holder


Once again using the Accuquilt Go dies but the applique patterns are included.


This is one of my favorites using the awesome Island Batik Fabrics.  It is hanging on my mother's door where she lives.

My Pumpkin Runneth Over

This is a free pattern as well.

Squirrel Pickings

I hope you all are enjoying this fantastic weather....time to get outside and "smell the roses"

Art With Fabric Blog Hop

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I am looking forward to seeing all of the awesome projects, hope you can join us.

Monday, October 3, 2016


Now when I show you this, please be kind.

This is one of the first quilts I ever made.

It was a tie quilt.

The border was just the backing flipped over and turned under. 

That being said.

When this quilt came to me it was a mess....I put it away





Fix this quilt.

One day tuned into 25 years.

Here you see that the binding has come undone at the top and bottom.

                                       The stitching came undone in some of the squares.
                                        This was a very loved quilt.


                                                Just another picture of the binding.

So I was just going to take the binding apart and put a new one on.

I was going to fix the seams

Take out all of the yarn for the ties.

And....just meander it.

Sounds Simple????


   I started taking it apart so I could get to the seams and this is what I saw....

Oh my gosh............What was I thinking.  I made clothes for my school...I knew that you had to have all squares equal?

                                                            So what was I thinking?

                                                     I am so embarrassed.
                                        This is what I saw on the inside.....shame of shame.

I have no excuse (I am red with shame)

So....I took it all apart...literally.....seam by seam

Cut the squares down.

Sewed them back

Quilted it.

and this is what I got.

The batting was high loft....I hate quilting high loft but thought since the years of
washing and abuse that it would be okay.

It was not but I got started and just kept going.

My baby is having a baby....YEP...our third grandbaby...

Do I get a WHOOP!!!

That is why I wanted to fix this quilt for my son to give to his baby.

Turned into a redo.

and I also quilted this panel for them.

  I made the same panel for my third son's baby.  I just love this panel.

When my son's wife  decides on colors for her baby room I will make a real nice quilt but for now....

                                                          .let the fun begin!!!