Monday, October 12, 2020


Bear Creek Quilt Company was asking for pillowcases and quilts for the Oregon fire victims.

So I stopped what I was working on (will show you in a minute) to make some pillowcases.

I looked for their address but can't seem to find it, sorry.  If you are interested, just contact Bear Creek Quilt company on facebook.  I tried to find the post, sorry.

more pillowcases

Sew kind of wonderful came out with this pattern.  I may have shown it to you but if I have, just bear with me.  I just loved this pattern.  I purchased the online video and so glad I did.  I am a visual learner and those clases has helped a lot.

This is all I have gotten done.  I was in the zone and going to town.  I had all these plans and then I saw the post asking for pillowcases and quilts.  Then my grandson came to visit (no crying here).

Notice the hair, I am kicking myself for taking things literally.  I wanted her to have brown hair and felt the stable should be brown....I don't want to do it over so I am thinking maybe some quilting in the hair?

Here are the two quick curve rulers, one is the quick curve and the other is the wonderful curve ruler.  The wonderful curve ruler is for the "Starry Night."  The Quick Curve is for the quilt below.

I was actually making headway on this one but got interrupted when "Starry Night" pattern came in.  You guessed it.  I am working on both.

Just a random picture of this catfish that came out of our pond.  No,  that is not me, I wish.

 Then last week, I got the hair brained ideal to make the girls that I have activities with on Wednesday these placemats.  I made six of them.  When my machine was working, at one point I was threatening to trade the machine in.   Anyways, I got all six done and delivered.

You can get the pattern at Applique Market. I get to work in my sewing room.  I ran around this morning doing my chores and running errands and now...ahhhhhh  I am in my happy place.


Needled Mom said...

I love the Starry Night quilt. Your pillowcases will be so appreciated. Well done. Your days sound like mine, flitting from one thing to another. Glad you get some quiet sewing time today.

Annie said...

Wow, Barb, you have been a busy girl! So kind of you to stop and make all those wonderful pillow cases. There will be a lot of thankful, happy sleepy heads who will feel the comfort of your kindness. Your quilts in the making are both great. I especially like the Sew Kind of Wonderful design and your fabric choices. My goodness that is a huge catfish! The placemats are darling.

Gene Black said...

You made some lovely pillowcases for the Oregon victims.

The brown hair and brown stable look okay to me. But if you add some "blonde highlights" to her hair with the quilting and some darker "woodgrain" to the stable that will help separate them.

I love your Starry Night quilt - and those fabrics are just mmmmmmm.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

well it looks like you have been busy! I really love everything Nativity and Starry Night is just beautiful. I think you should be able to get the look you want with some quilting in Mary's hair. I think you must have a real pile of rulers by now! Truth be known I have some I have never used that I bought when a quilt store in Dallas was going out of business. Have you ever heard of the Goddess Tool ruler? I really need to google it and see what I can do with it......I would love to see my Grandchildren. I usually get to see them at least 4 times a year but with COVID19 I haven't seen them since January. Soon I hope.

Kathleen said...

You are a busy woman! I love the pillowcases - thank you for helping and your generosity! Fun to see what you made your buddies - my machine is woefully delayed so I need to set out learning some things on line about embroider machines.

Vicki in MN said...

Those are some really pretty pillowcases! I bet you have fun making that quilt from Sew kind of Wonderful. I didn't know they came out with a new one and a new ruler. said...

How awesome you are making the pillowcases. My brother and his family were evacuated for a week because of the fires in Oregon. When it was all said and done. One fire stopped within 1/2 a mile of his home coming from the south, another 2 miles from his home from the east, and another 1 1/2 miles coming from the north. I saw the Starry night pattern. I love their patterns, makes me want to grab my twisted blossom and finish it.