Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I am finally getting around to finishing up these preemie  for Teeny Tears.  I have more to cut out and sew but hey....this counts as a finish right???

I want to tell you what helped with making these.

Gene Black suggested when wanting to do top stitching close to the edge that you use your zipper foot.  Oh my stinking gosh....this is like the greatest most clever idea.  What a help Gene, thanks!!!

I know, I sound like I am harping about this straight stitch plate.....but...

I am here to tell you that it helps tremendously when you want to go around the corners.
I had my regular plate on and couldn't figure out why when I went around the corners that it would get chewed up in the plate.  That is when the AhhhhHA moment came, I switched plates and boy what a difference.

When I was at the store with my husband debating on whether to get this plate (seeing how I was paying a mint at the time to get my embroidery machine out...didn't want the added expense).  I told my husband, what if I forget to take the plate off when I want to blanket stitch.

He said....oh you won't (this is me snorting right now)

Does the man really know me?

Well...time only proved my passing thought right, I went to sew the other day with the straight stitch plate on there and wham!!!  Needle broke.  Hummmm I thought, what is the problem?  Needle must have been bent.

Oh guessed it, wrong plate.  I suppose I need to tape something on my machine to remind me to check my plate.  But what if I forget to read my note?


  1. Maybe you can mark your straight stitch plate, with either some blue tape or pink finger nail polish as a sort of visual reminder?

  2. That's so funny! I do that all the time :*) It makes me so mad that I can't just remember to check when I move the needle or make a change from straight stitching. But it still happens!

  3. I find it interesting that only one of my machines will not let you make that mistake. Someone suggested putting a red fingernail polish line on the edges of the plate to help you remember.

    I love the zipper foot for top-stitching trick!

  4. Those preemie diapers are just so cute.

  5. idea to try about using a zipper foot.
    I make lists: I forget lists. (BIG problem for me, LOL)

  6. Wish I'd known about the zipper foot when we were making all our diapers. It would have been so much easier. Nola

  7. I thought I would just keep a good supply of needles on hand, problem solved - but you know hitting that plate with the needle can ruin your machine. So I put a little dab of red nail polish on the right fron of the throat plate and it makes me stop and wonder which plate I have on when I see it "about 50% of the time". LoL Not a perfect solution, but helps. Judy C in NC

  8. Oh Barb, those tiny diapers are precious. As for the plate issue, I've broken needles by not remembering to replace the plate. I've started to use a sticky note or those sticky arrows on my machine as a reminder that something needs to be noticed....hope that made sense!!

  9. Your premie diapers are so cute.

    I too have forgotten what stitch plate I was using and broke a needle, but after a few mistakes I pay more attention to it now.


  10. You sound like me Barb, Ian suppose to change my stitching width when I want 1/4" seam and even though I had a sticky note on my machine I almost always forgot.
    Those premie diapers are so adorable where did you get the pattern, I wouldn't mind making some.

  11. Been there and done that, Barb. I put a piece of masking tape on my machine now when I have the single hole plate in place.

  12. I find using a post it on my forehead works wonderfully LOL.


  13. Cute project and great tip. The rest is just funny, you entertain Barb!

  14. I have this problem too remembering which plate is on. I take a big sticky note 2"x2" or larger and place it over the spot I need to "touch" to change the width. It seems to stop me because I have to "lift" the sticky note if I want to make a change. So far it is working for me.

  15. Oh Barb...I'll do you one better...I've broken several needles from forgetting to switch from the proper feet when changing from straight stitching to zigzag. My 1/4" foot doesn't work real well with the zigzag! LOL!! :)


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