Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meet my friends......

This is Minnie, she is the person I am working with in the S.O.S program.

I asked her just what was her job title and this is what she told me.

My role....actually, I'm the president of Empowerment Unlimited Inc. This company was created to provide training and service needs to the community, with a focus on the 'at risk' population. This program we're involved in now, is directed at unskilled and unemployed residents of American Samoa. With the loss of jobs, thru the closing of the cannery, the tsunami and the decline of the global, national and local economy, it becomes important to equip this population with skills to help them find employment, improve their employable skills and help them find ways to become and stay self-reliant

Now I just need to find out how that fits in with the Human Resource Dept because that is where her office is.....still alot to know.

Here she is trying the Go cutter....I heard a take in of air when she cut her first piece....and almost a squeal. That said it all right there. She called a few people in to view the process. She was just so excited.

That was on Wednesday!!


Thursday the W-Cap group (non-profit) came over. They came last week to learn hexies.

Here is one gal using the Go cutter...she didn't want to stop.

Here she is with the hexies she made during the week. She wants to make a bed cover...very ambitious for her first project.

Another gal using the Go cutter....making more hexies for the week. This gal made picture frames out of her hexies. She didn't bring them to show but her husband was sure impressed with them.


  1. Tell Minnie that she has the nicest smile!

    They all look like they're having a ton of fun and I know you are too.

  2. Wow, do they ever look happy! Something about that GO cutter, and perhaps your friendship as well. :)

  3. Look at those pretty smiling faces!! They sure are having fun and you are such a sweetie to help with the program!!


  4. It's so great that you can share your love of quilting with others. I enjoy seeing all the happy faces in the pictures you've shared.

  5. Delightful post! Always amazing what quilters are doing and who is catching the "bug"! Hope this new bug blesses all who it touches!

  6. Your friends look so happy. I love seeing them having a good time with the GO and hexies.

  7. Looks like everyone is having a great time playing with the Go!

    Love the hexies! At least she is making them nice and big. Won't be long before she has enough for a bed size quilt.

    Here is something that I came across recently. I heard about this last year but was reminded about it again in one of my Flickr groups. You could easily make Christmas ornaments using your hexagon Go! die (you have that one right?)

    They can be made all by hand so those without a sewing machine could make some too. I've seen purses made from larger hexies and they look wonderful.

  8. Isn't it the 'best', to see others learn something new? How much fun! Love those smiles.

  9. What a big job Minnie has, but what a joy she'd be to work with, and for such a great purpose. I know a sewing teacher who has a motto "Make Money With your Skills" and is always sharing tips on how to do so. I'll see if I can get some info for you to share with Minnie, as well as I now have a few pattern ideas for you and this group! But I do think that the AccuQuilt could be a great way for this group to make money.


  10. Barb, you are so sweet to share your Go cutter and I'm sure the ladies really appreciate your generosity.

  11. Wonderful smiley friends. Well, who wouldn't be smiling. They're using the GO cutter. Are they as enthusiastic as they look? I feel their energy! Makes me want to go and sew something. The hexagons look amazing!

  12. You are certainly going to be missed when you finaly leave. They all look so happy.

  13. Love it. Just love it, Barb. They are all so wonderful, and it's "super" great what all of you do. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!

  14. I love the pictures of your friends! They look so happy and have the best smiles :)

    You guys must have so much fun when you are all together!!!


  15. looks like you are meeting lots of friends. It is such a great thing what you are doing giving all the classes and groups. Steph

  16. What a wonderful thing you are doing by teaching them so many neat projects! They are gonna miss ya when you are gone for sure!
    They sure do look happy in these pics!



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