Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yes, that is the back of my husbands vehicle......loaded...I would say....

So, I being the selfish person I am....opened my mothers package first....she sent me some material and goodies.....and for Amerika Samoa...Thanks Mom!!

This next one is from Fabrics N Quilts. Her pillowcases are so wonderful...I just know the Samoan people will love them.

Hey Carol, thanks so much for this beautiful pillowcase!!!(Carol, I don't know how to find you to say thank you and I got your package)....sorry.....

Artfully Ooglebloops sent all these wonderful items....

Thanks Jennifer from Inch Worm Fabircs

Michele from With Heart and hands sent these wonderful the fabrics.

My sister Jeanette sent all of these, will definitely help with the hygene kits we are going to make, along with all the other items sent today.
Thanks Jeanette

Thanks Kelly from I have a notion

Kelly again...she thought to send toys...why didn't I think of that? Notice here son'
s card?

Darlene From Sew Cal Gal

She sent me a birthday fun is that? I was doing the jig....thanks so much, I love my pins and the little tin (did you know I love tins? anything with a lid?......oooo)

Carin from Conceived with out regard for reason or reality, lovely pillowcases....

Next is Sew Fun quilts, she sent some totes with her pillowcases. I think I am going to duplicate her design??? Do you mind, if you do let me know. Thanks Judy!!!

Then Judy sent me a few goodies....yepeeeee...doing the jig all over the house....thanks so much Judy. Notice the cat fabric...whoooohooo....I have been trying to win this fabric off her every time she has a giveaway.....yepeeee

Then Pat from A Little of this and a little of Pat, I know your clothes will be so appreciated as well as everyone elses clothes.

Thanks Jocelyn from Happy Cottage Quilter. You all are wonderful!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for your concern, emails, sending packages....just for everything.

Just a little side note: I am going to let my one friend that has five kids and lost everything in her home have first pickings.....some of you sent clothes that will fit her kids....she has gotten no help from FEMA or the red cross, she has only gotten help from our church. pretty sad, her home was right by the ocean and she gets looked over...what is up with that????


Kaye said...

Let me know the sizes for her and the kids, hubby too and what they need the most. We'll get them at least some clothes to have

Crispy said...

Wow this just wonderful!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful packages to from the heart....and little something for you too...when was your birthday? Did I miss it?

Rumi said...

Bloggers are the best! So many kind people in this world.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I didn't know if you'd want clothes but I have clothes from kids 2 boys (12 & 9) and 1 girl (13 - but sizes for 8-10) that have been outgrown. I was going to take them to goodwill today but would prefer to ship them if you know places they can go. I have the address, pillow cases coming as soon as I return home from VA to TN, so just let me know.

quiltsbylee said...

Awesome. I hope that you get lots more. I am still waiting for the address to send my package. DId I miss how to get it? Would it be alright if Judy from SewFun or Shannon from Fabricsnquilts give me the address?

ooglebloops said...

Woohoo!! What a haul for the folks out there!! If you need more baby or small size clothes for your friend, let me know - my friend's thrift shop has a great selection!! I felt like I was "shopping" for a grandchild!!! LOL

Jocelyn said...

Barb, so glad that the packages arrived. Just hoping they will be some help. I think it is wonderful that you can help your friend. We had the same problems here in FL when we had 4 back to back hurricanes in 2004. BTW, the garden gloves are for you, if you choose to keep them ;-)

andsewon said...

Oh look that is all so wonderful!!!
I hope there are more boxes arriving soon!!! I did not think about personal items!
Yes sadly there are some that FEMA does not help or can't.
I really do not understand FEMA at all anyway! We have had horrid storms here and the ones that needed help did not get it but from private donations!
I think you would know best who needed the items sent!

Carin said...

It sounds like the right thing to do for you to let her have what she needs first!
I am glad to see so many people sent things to help it makes me feel good about people and the world!

Pat said...

Oh...I am crying now about your friend who lost everything and has had no help from FEMA or Red Cross yet. If you let us know the gender and sizes of the kids, maybe we can scout up some more kids' clothes if she is in need...also does SHE need clothes, too? I think if you post specifics, we can rally to the cause.

Gloria Huang said...

Hi Barb,

I work at the American Red Cross and wanted to pass along some information in case it could help your friend. We have been trying to provide the best support we can in the regions most impacted.

The quickest way for her to contact us is to call the Emergency Operations Center at 684.699.3800. If it is possible, she can also go to the Disaster Recovery Center at the auditorium in Pago Pago.

I hope this helps. Thanks for posting!


West Michigan Quilter said...

I'm so glad to see everyone is pitching it. Looks like you received a lot of things. That was me with the pillowcase by the way. Sorry, I guess I should have put my name in the package. Glad you like it.

SewCalGal said...


Thanks for all you do to help those impacted by the Tsunami and keeping us informed. Please keep us posted on sizes of clothes and other things you see that are needed.

It was fun to go thru my cupboards and pull things together to send. And it was fun to see what creative things others sent. Hope it all helps.

Hugs, many hugs.