Friday, October 23, 2009


Every since I saw on "That man's quilt", his dishes and glassware he collects, I have been wanting to show mine.

Since I have nothing quilty to show you....been busy but can't show you. I decided to show you my dishes.

Before we left Texas I had to sell alot of my dishes but I kept alot also and all but the following are in storage.

I have collected these dishes for 4 years, got them at garage I have about a 16 place set, only brought 8 with me.

I was told that these are Diamond Shammrock Premiums. For those of you who are really young and don't know what premiums are..... I think the gas stations stopped doing the premiums in the early 70's. Anyways, you buy gas and get stamps and then you redeem these stamps for a dish. Eventually, you would get a whole set. If there is someone out there that knows more about these, I would love to know. I got this information from an antique dealer in Texas.

Aren't they pretty...look at the design on them.

I should have made them look prettier but sickness is going around...and it is all I can do to stand...I function quite well sitting. So I just made due with a quick picture.


Jocelyn said...

Barb, these dishes are so pretty. I'm a dishaholic. I love dishes and china and glass ware. It's really bad. Almost as bad as my fabric stash. We will soon have to move because we are running out of space ;-)

Pat said...

I like those dishes and DO recall the "premiums" (guess I'm old, huh?? LOL) Sorry I don't know much about those dishes, though. Feel better soon!!!

Kaye said...

Ok Barb, now you are making me show my age LOL. Remember the Green Stamps. they gave them out for lots of things including gasoline. Put them in a book, fill it up and redeem when you save enough for what you want. They had a whole store just to display the items. They also gave towels in the soap suds boxes, I think it was Duz and Dreft ???? Anyone out there remember? Go to a movie matinee on a sat afternoon get a dish and on and on. What fun

JustCindy said...

I think they are beautiful! I love dishes. My husband says I collect but I use the ones that I collect. lol

Crispy said...

Oh I remember those!! We had lots of must have had a thing for glasses or we 4 kids broke them all LOL. We would fight over who got to put the stamps into the books.


SewCalGal said...

Beautiful. And I am old enough to remember green stamps and when these dishes came out.

I'm amazed you were able to take several sets with you to American Samoa. What a delight to dine on them in AS. Very special treasures!


PS - I'm looking for gold colored glass dishes.

Kim D. said...

Pretty Dishes Barb.. My mom collected a lot of the old 30's pink dishes for me for many years. I love dishes too.

Betsy said...

Barb I remember those. I always wanted to buy the smoky glasses that go with that set. It is delightful to see. Brings me lots of nice memories

hetty said...

I remember getting towels in laundry detergent, little figurines in boxes of tea, toys in cereal and free glasses at the gas station. But I don't ever think I saw any of the beautiful dishes you have. They look almost like depression glass to me. I collect that when I can get my hands on it.
Hope you're feeling better soon.

fabricartist21 said...

Say I remember when we use to get those stamps and we loved the stuff we could get with them. Those were the days!!

Rumi said...

Sending healing thoughts your way. Hope you are back to your old self soon!
While I don't recall seeing those plates, I do remember saving green stamps as well as Blue Chip stamps as a child in California. Back then alot of freebies were included in merchandise too.

Gene Black said...

Ha...add me to the "old" list. I remember premiums. I used to love the oatmeal that had a drinking glass inside the box.

Mom used to have a whole set of dishes with a wheat pattern and golden edges like at this link

She got them by buying groceries!

quiltmom anna said...

Your dishes are lovely - my grandmother collected many dishes the same way. She had a berry set of dishes that she used every day to serve wild berries and cream for dessert.
I love dishes(it is all my gran's fault)and have a cupboard and sideboard full. A friend sold me a set of Limoge that were her grandmothers. They are about 100 years old and we use them for special occasions.

Hope you are soon feeling better.
Warmest regards,

West Michigan Quilter said...

These are just beautiful. I remember saving green stamps, but spent them on my children. How lucky you are to have these beautiful dishes. I don't think I appreciated them at the time.

sewfunquilts said...

Our Mom saved up enough green stamp books to "buy" us 3 sisters silver plated serving dishes, coffee sets, etc., and I still have all of mine.

My first good dishes (other than Melmac pink roses) were heavy gold stoneware with black scrollwork on them from Duz detergent. Jeeze! We had everyone we knew using that detergent.

Thanks Barb, for the trip down the memory lane.

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry you're not well , get better soon .

Lane said...

Great collection. My blue set was a grocery store premium. We don't get those anymore...just pay, pay, pay. Take care. Lane

Susan In Texas said...

Those are really pretty dishes. I remember Mom getting her golf clubs with green stamps so I guess I'm old too. The first set of dishes I *bought* were from the grocery store where you could buy them (Johann Bavarian China) very cheaply using stamps that you earned by spending money at the store. I'm still using those dishes!

Happy quilting,