Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mail and a Clean Bathroom

Got mail today.....

This package is from Lynda G, From my farm house window.....Thanks so much Lynda.....these clothes, underware, pillowcases etc.....will come in handy...truly.

and...........she sent me some hoodies for my bobbins...whooohoooooo Thanks so much!!

I think I am getting a reputation....Lee. Quilts by Lee, sent me these twizzlers and bath crystals....thanks soooo much...she said I could share????? Hummmmmmmm share? .....still thinking..... no one will will know if I don't!!!! (oh is that the devil on my shoulder?).....

Here are the items she sent!!!!! thanks soooo much.... She sent material....I know someone who would love the material....need to get it out of here before it gets mixed up with mine.....hummmmmmm...

Some more wonderful pillowcases from Melissa, Ardeas nest...thanks so much, these are truly fabulous.

I have five sons, you all know that, so I can't tell one story without telling about each one of them....don't want to play favorites because you know that is what I will be accused of it someone spys my blog and tells.

This son is the oldest, he hates to clean. He gives me plants but this one Mother's Day came and went unnoticed. I was feeling kinda sad and my one son came and said, "Mom, I would have brought you something but I had no money".....I told him that he didn't need money to give a present. I listed off a few things, clean kitchen, bathroom, hug, kind word etc.... So I went to bed but the surprise came the next morning when I went into the middle bathroom (the one everyone always used), it was spotless.....I had tears on that one.....I was totally surprised and will always remember that he said he loved me by doing something he hated to do.


  1. Awww...what a nice story about your son. Looking forward to hearing about the rest!

  2. That is 23 people that have sent boxes so far by my count. Hopefully there will be at least one everyday. I was amazed at how fast a large flat rate box filled up.

  3. And what a gift of love THAT was!!! With all of the males in the family, I am sure that was quite the delight to your eyes.

    Lovely packages - one and all, Barb.

  4. Lots of wonderful goodies!! Gee, my son must not love me, he has NEVER cleaned the bathroom LOL.


  5. A clean bathroom. I'm impressed. I wonder what it would take to get one of my sons to do that?
    Oh, I know they love me, and they show it in so many ways. But your story is really sweet.
    We get to hear three more, right?

  6. Glad my first package got there!

    could you have that son talk to my son? Maybe he would rub off on my Nick just a bit! You lucky lady!

  7. Another story to bring tears to the eyes....I guess that leaves 2 more sons to go???? Nice package contents you are getting from everyone!!!

  8. What a great story about your son. And all those goodies for those in need...awesome!!

  9. Oh Barb! I am really loving your 'son' stories!


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