Saturday, October 17, 2009

MAIL CALL.......

Well....before I show you what I got in the mail today....I have to tell you a story.

A bunch of us ladies got together today and had brunch for all the ladies that have Birthdays in October....well...remember me telling you about the family who lost everything and that she was to come over today? It is her birthday today and she was at the brunch. Guess what else???? SHE IS A QUILTER, she knows about the walking foot, stippling etc.... I asked her where she had been the whole two years I have been on this island... She said, having a baby and she was gone a while taking care of her dad off island. we were all talking...she said that when she went to find her sewing patterns, machine, material...she said it was all gone and she cried. Her husband said you cry over a machine and fabric and not over the rest of the house. Only a quilter will understand those tears.... Needless to say Mr. Janome does not live here anymore...and that is all I have to say about that.

This is from Kaye over at Nana B follows Nana T. Now I want to tell all of you that sent over little girls clothes....she took most of them, she has 3 little girls...and that blue dress you sent all of you are so wonderful in following your heart.

Next is from Judi and Clint over at Green Fairy Quilts. You all know how much I love their blog and store and that I have been stalking them for months now...obviously they don't mind because they sent over these wonderful pillowcases.

Next is from Lola at ...and sew on Lola, it is a good thing you put a card in there because everything was ripped off the box and I had not a clue who it was from.
And.....consider alot of your stuff gone amazing that you ladies had exactly what she needed.

Now this next is from Julie over at Me and My Quilts-Exploring the Possibilities. All of you sent such wonderful pillowcases and it was really fun to open these boxes up while my friend was going through the stuff that had already been sent. She has some pillowcases picked out and I kept showing her the new ones...she was having such a hard time deciding....putting one pillowcase back to get another and then another...vicious cycle here....but fun!!

This is from Lola again....I gave her the thread and fabric....she asked why give it to her, she didn't have a machine any more....(.I told her not to worry).

This next is from Linda and the Friendship Star Quilters Guild Just more temptation for my friend..... I can not get over the generosity of all of are heart is full!!

A little gifty for me from Irish Muses Thank you Micki, she is from Ireland and she sent me some Irish tweed fabric and the sheep. Ohhhhhhh I just love both....I will always think of your wonderful paradise over there in Ireland by the ocean....thanks...(did I say that already)?

The next is also from Micki, Irish Muses, now...I took these right over to my friend and said, here...take these for you and your husband...she said keep them (I had to say...get behind me Satan....because I really wanted them but to take them...never) I take them I could never, wasn't ment for me.

I had several notes in the boxes from today and the other day...some of you apologized for sending so little but you hoped it would help.....I am here to tell you that it did help in a big way. If you could have seen what was all over my dining room and if you could have seen the big bag she had to take home with her....and if you could have seen the tears of graditude in her eyes when she left. She told me that this was her best birthday ever....and I believe it was. Together all of you made a huge difference especially in my friends life. I can only thank you....and my our Heavenly Father bless each of you for having such a "Quilter's Heart".


Pat said...

I was just heading to bed when I saw your post and now I am going to bed with tears in my eyes. YOU have a good heart to give up your Janome to that lady. (Now....we know I'm not a fan of Janome but yours was working.....and she had lost her machine.....and you did what was the RIGHT and kind thing to do.) I am glad she was able to use many of the items that were sent. I'm glad, also, to read the names who have sent I had been in email contact with so many of them right after the quake and tsunami to give them your address. I know sometimes people have good intentions but then often I'm glad to see that isn't the case and they did follow through on sending packages. Thank you for letting us know it has made a difference. I know we all felt we were doing very little.

Kaye said...

You said your friend is a large woman, as am I. I will send some tops for her. Do they wear pants & tops or just dress type clothing How about shorts? What sizes are her boys?

SewCalGal said...

I'm familiar with the saying "give your shirt off your back", but I've never known anyone as generous as you. Very kind of you to give away your sewing machine off your sewing table!

Hugs, many hugs.

Please keep us posted on what you see as being needed.

I hope your new friend had a special birthday today. Please give her a hug from me.


Unknown said...

what a wonderful thing to do Barb.....I am so proud of you..I know what my machine means to is how I cope with everything and it was incredible of you...what a fun day for all!!!

Crispy said...

Oh Barb, I'm so dang proud to call you my friend. I know of no one who has a bigger heart!


Gene Black said...

Now I am EXTRA glad that you got Mr Pfaff. I would think Lola is too.

Betsy said...

Barb , God has put you on that island for a reason. YOu are their angel.
God bless you for all you have done.

Rumi said...

You have a kind heart and a shiny halo.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry, I totally slacked on this, I think it was in the midst of my flu. I know, no excuse compared to what these people have gone through. I too am a large woman and have some clothes. Do you still need these? I saw Kaye's post.

Carin said...

What a woman you are Barb! I know that the Lord will bless you!

It warms my heart!

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Barb...heart of gold!

Micki said...

What a blessing that you got so many things for the people in Samoa. So glad that my pillowcases helped someone.

Twisted Quilts said...

Yes only a quilter can understand crying over losing your machine. What a good person you are to give her your machine. It is wonderful what you are doing to help folks.