Saturday, January 24, 2009

Been busy!!

These are just panels that were given to me to put together (there were five of them) and then come to church and teach the Young Women how to tie quilt. Yesterday, I spent time ironing and sandwiching them and today the girls tied 3 and a half....I don't have the half or the fifth one. I will finsih these and give them back to be handed out to the expectant mothers in our ward. The girls were absoutely amazing. I had to use some of my most coveted batting. The batting that was given to me was no good any looked like a big hunk was bitten out of the middle and when I went to open the batting up, it wouldn't open...what a I had to give up some of mine. My son said it was no big deal. I told him that if I was living somewhere where they sold batting that I would not even blink an eye and just go out and buy it. Since I am living on an island that doesn't have all know, it was hard to part with it but it is okay. My husband is going off island next month and will bring me back some more....was just hard for the few minutes trying to make the decision to give it up. Sorry to be so selfish. If you knew me, I will give anything to anyone but my batting....hummmm well....I don't begrude it, it was just painful for a few minutes. I am worries.

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Pat said...

Barb...would you like me to send you a package or two of Warm and Natural batting?? I can do that, if you like. The nearest Joann's is 40 miles north of me so I don't get there maybe more than once a month or every 6 weeks, but I can get it when I'm next up there and then send it to you. It was generous of you to do what you did with YOUR batting.