Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is my Janome and we have had many miles of stippling together. I taught my niece how to stipple (or what I knew and she went from there) on this machine. The only problem I have with stippling is with some bunching under the quilt. I have found that if I stipple with the back side up that I don't have as much bunching and less pulling out. Anyone have any tips on keeping the bunching out of the equation? I sure hate spending quality time ripping out work I have already done. I also check my work alot to make sure that no bunching happens but for some reason, I still get the bunching. Lots of fun but sometimes lots of frustration. The finished results is amazing. I did do a King size quilt with no bunching (go figure).


  1. You're stippling is beautiful! I enlarged the pic so I could see it really well. I haven't gotten the motion down for it yet. My FMQ is actually pretty rotten but I'm going to get it yet! Would love you to share any tips you have!

  2. Your stippling looks great. I haven't yet managed to do this kind of stippling, for some reason I always end up going in circles.
    Thank you for your visit and lovely comments. Which of your blogs is your main blog?


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