Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Who knows where we will end up....we went from Samoa to California and now we are told that listing has been filled a while ago.

I know where these packages will end up. That one big box is to Conker Quilts.....and the rest, let's just say that just because I am helping my sister Jeanette win a Go cutter doesn't mean I am not busy in other areas of charity as well.

That being said.....I kept forgetting to tell people that I didn't have a winner for that block I posted a while back....all of you guess differently and technically, all of you were right...but you see my big postal all can stone me if you want?

Two rays of sunshine!!

Betsy from Fiesta sent me these....I pull them out, stroke them, put the away....pull them out again...glad she put stablizer on the back.

Then Rumi from Luck Frog sent me these wipers....I don't want to use them. Actually, (I know this is weird) but they smell I go around with them smelling them.....holding them in my palm....oh yes....I need to see a Dr...... I am just not right. Messy Karen is the source of the pattern for these wipers...aren't they just wonderful?

Look cute is this?

How can anyone get along in this world without friends? Blogging friends are the best...thanks so much!!!


JustCindy said...

So pretty. Can't wait to see you do with your snowmen.

Needled Mom said...

Oh hear, Barb. How do you stand the suspense? I hope you find out soon.

Fiesta said...

You are the best Barb. I love reading your blog. You always share such great thoughts and you make me laugh so much!
Thank you!

wackywoman said...

Where in California would you have been? I'm in Southern California. Well, we will all just have to stay tuned.

Millie said...

You have been at so many places, Barb. I wish you could help me too to win a Go cutter. LOL Do your sister enjoy her cutter?
Pretty blocks too!

PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

Your poor husband. All those packages to carry! You need to get him wagon. ;)

Pat said...

Now..I can understand pulling out those snowmen every so often and looking at them and thinking of what you will do with them, but I'm a bit puzzled by the "strangeness" of going around sniffing those wipers!!! LOL

quiltingnana said...

are there any available posts in DE? We'd love to haveyou here!

hetty said...

Home is where the heart is. Where ever you end up, hopefully you'll have a lovely sewing studio and lots of quilt shops nearby.

SewCalGal said...

Should we have a blogging contest to pick the best place for you to move to next? Do you think we could influence the powers at be to make their decision accordingly?

Where ever you guys go, I know you go together, romantically, great team members, and your family & friends will still be there (nearby, car, air, boat, phone, internet).


Cyndi said...

What sweet gifts from sweet friends! And you are so right...blogging has brought me so many new friendships; it's the best!

And I know you'll make the best out of where ever you land!



QuiltSue said...

Can you get transferred to the UK? That'd be great, then I could get to know you in person.

quiltsbylee said...

How the heck is it that I have been reading your blog all this time and just now realized that you sell on artfire? Shows how much attention I really give to things. So now I am being more observant on all the blogs that I enjoy.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Those postal bills can add up quickly. That's what holds me back sometimes from shipping too many things.

Love the snowmen :) and the wipers look fun. I LOVE to use crocheted/knit cloths for doing dishes and cleaning around the house. They work great for scrubbing the floors too when you need to get down on your hands and knees.