Friday, March 15, 2013

I got Glam!!

Every once in a while a person just needs to be silence.
 "Are you very weary?
 rest a little bit.
 In some quiet corner just fold your hands and sit.
 Do not let the trials that have grieved you all the day,
 haunt this quite corner drive them all away.
 Soon you'll feel so rested,
 glad you sat a bit
 in this quiet corner to fold your hands and sit"

 I have three sons at home right now and sometimes it is hard to find a quiet corner.
 Maybe in the wee hours of the morning I can find some solitude.

That being said...I have a fourth son coming in tomorrow. He is moving from Japan to Washington. Talk about happy parents, we will be so happy to have him on US soil. a mother of five sons. I am use to shopping alone.
 Actually, I am a fast shopper, I am in and out.
 I know what I want and go get it and that is that.
Which makes yesterday somewhat unusual.
 I visited the sewing group of Sew Fun Quilts, which by the way was wonderful seeing Judy up and about...she looks great after her stint in the hospital and rehab

. After I left, I got a hankering to go to Bealls. I guess this little item was calling me from the streets.
 I was doing my usual walking fast and scanning when this puppy called my name.
 It was love at first sight.
 I heard bells....
I heard music.
 My heart beat went crazy....
okay maybe I am exaggerating!
 But I was not going to leave the store without it.... so whether or not it called me from the streets, you decide....but it certainly speaks to me and it says I got glam!!!


  1. Don't you love it when that happens?? It's like it was meant to be! 5 sons. Wow! Bet your house was humming when they were all children!!

  2. Perfect bling to cheer any one on any day! Love it!

  3. Yay for Washington! That's my corner of the world!!!!! I can imagine you're over the moon with excitement over that! Yippeeee!

  4. My sons are home now too, life is busy and good, but I'll be looking for that quiet corner later.
    So, did I miss something? The glam is a water bottle, right?
    It's adorable! Just give me glitz and shine on anything! :)

  5. You are way to funny how have you managed to get all your sons at the same time

  6. Love your bling!

    Wait! Bealls is a FLORIDA department store! Are you in Florida?

  7. You are too funny. Great glam, great bling. I would have snatched it too. Unfortunately we don't have Bealls where I live. But glad you had fun shopping and with Judy/Sew Fun Quilts.


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  9. Girlfriend, you've always had "GLAM". LOL

  10. Yes indeed your do have GLAM! I hope it is a glass container too! Glass is wonderful for drinking your water and other bevs too.

    Today is my quiet day to sit....everyone is gone and I have the house for a few hours to re-group and to fold my hands and sit. Can you believe I'm sitting here typing with folded hands? Darn I'm good.


  11. Kaching! You do indeed have glam! Isn't it wonderful to have everyone at home? And isn't it wonderful when they all are asleep and it's quiet? LOL Enjoy, my friend!

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