Thursday, October 7, 2021


I know you will be shocked to see that I have posted twice in one week.  I told you I would show you what I have been up too since my last post about a month or so ago.

So....while I was out.

I made this Garlic Knot baby quilt.  I wanted to try this pattern and what better way than with a baby quilt?

I used a Riley Blake jelly roll, had it so long that I lost the tag so I can't tell you what line, sorry.

The baby quilt was so fun that I made a larger one.  Just need to quilt it.  These pictures do not do some of these quilts justice.  The pink is more pink....the colors are more vibrant.  I just need somewhere to take pictures (was that a whine)?

My sister Jeanette and I are at it again.  I loved this Anne of Green Gables Fabric by Riley my sister and I purchased it.    We saw a quilt we loved and found the Spring Star Block in the "Farm Girl Vintage" book by lori Holt and well...the rest is in the makings.


Here is all fourty-two blocks.  I decided to get a few things done before I finish this quilt top.

Here is my school house quilt flimsy.  I have to be honest.  I did not like this.  Every once in a while I do a blooper of a quilt and this was it.  This is actually the twin to the Ginger Jar quilt in about two post below this one.  I made these houses first and didn't like them so I made the Ginger Jar quilt.  I wish you could see the border the fabric and once I got it all together I am thinking, it is not so bad.  I just might like it.  Once again....need a better place to take pictures.

Here is my BOO!!! Quilt by Margot Languedoc.  My grandson loves this quilt.  I have it on a rack in my formal livingroom.

Made this cute baby quilt using my Accuquilt Go Alphabet die and the train die.

As I stated before, this quilt was the accuquilt fan die and I used scraps.  I actually did not meander this quilt.  It spoke to me  and said....Oh are not going to just meander me, so I did cobble stones around the fan and various other designs.  I did meander a little but not much.

 Now this little quilt I am going to make into a wheelchair quilt.....the workings are in my head....I saw various pictures and well.....we are going to wing it.  Wish me luck.


AnnieO said...

I love the Garlic Knot pattern—sure fun to play with color. I think all your quilts/tops look terrific.

Darlene S said...

Really beautiful blocks and quilts. I like your plans for wheelchair quilts. So nice you and Jeannette get to sew together, even virtually.

Kristy said...

Wow! You have not only blogged twice but been a very busy girl! I think the fan quilt is my favorite! I love it! The house quilt is also quite interesting to me because I have some red ones that I need to sew together and make into a kid friendly quilt. I am glad you are posting again. You always have such great ideas and make such pretty quilts! K-

Mystica said...

They are all so lovely.

Gene Black said...

It looks like you have been busy. I have been a little bit busy too.
I think the Spring Star blocks will make a very pretty quilt.

I like the schoolhouse quilt. It is in colors that generally appeal to men. (Blues and tans -think blue oxford shirt and khaki pants.)

I will have to go back and see the Ginger Jar quilt.
Good luck on the wheelchair quilt.

Vicki in MN said...

I loved looking at all the quilts you have been silently working on!!

Chookyblue...... said...

Wow so many different pretty quilts to share......

Terry said...

You've been busy! I love your school houses, and those ghosts are too cute! :0)

QuiltGranma said...

I love the school house quilt, and the wheel chair one. What size do you make for a wheel chair quilt? said...

You have got a lot of sewing in there. The boo quilt is very cute. Your schoolhouse quilt where did you get the pattern? Did you use an Accuquilt die? I want to make one. I need to make a garlic knot quilt too someday.