Wednesday, March 20, 2019


As usual, I am doing what I am not suppose to be doing and not doing what I should be doing!

A few weeks ago when I was visiting my mother I saw this wall hanging made of wood on one of the doors.

I thought, hummm....that would make a cute wall hanging in fabric.

So this morning instead of doing what I should be doing I made this instead.  Theirs said Welcome.

I used my awesome Island Batik scraps, three different kinds of Aurifil Threads (orange, black, and pink), and then I had just the right size scrap of hobbs batting.

Do I love scraps or what?

I take my grandson to preschool in the morning and pick him up at 11:30 but today was pizza day so I pick him up at 12:00.

So....last night I cleaned so I could have time to sew this morning but as usual, I got side tracked.

Our grandson takes a nap after he has his lunch so I was laying down with him.  The next thing I know these two eyes are staring at me.

He says, Ya Ya....I can't sleep, you are snoring.  So I got kicked out of the bed.

What was a gal to do?  I made headway to my sewing room and finished up my wall hanging.

I was rushing to get the binding on before he woke up and well...someone was not paying attention.

I put the binding on with the raw edge out...OH my stinking gosh.

So I spent my few remaining minutes ripping, ripping, ripping.

He was sweet enough to let me finish up before going outside.


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Cute wall hanging!! I haven't done binding that way in a long time - but I HAVE done it - LOL - ;))

Rhonda said...

At least you did some sewing. Good for you. That bunny is too cute. I just posted about spring cleaning and Mr. Cowboy.

QuiltShopGal said...

Absolutely adorable. Great way to Welcome Spring. Now, you can hop to it and do what you should be doing. Still, you took a good break to help bring Spring indoors.

JJ said...

Cute. You are pretty clever.

White Rose said...

Hi Barb lol my grandies tell me that I snore too,lol. Oh I just love your bunny wall hanging. Well done my friend xx

Gene Black said...

I hope I don't jinx myself - I have sewn most everything the wrong way - but I have never sewn binding that way. (now it will probably happen..sigh.)

The wall hanging is absolutely adorable. Your rabbit is so cute.

Denice Barker said...

I do remember those days!

Angie said...

Awesome bunny! It's so cute! Enjoy your day! :-) :-)

Carol said...

Great story! Love the wall hanging! I've very nearly put binding on that way but haven't actually done it yet. Probably will happen at some point... Thanks for the post.

ShirleyC said...

That's as cute as can be!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Your bunny is so cute! I bet you had a lot of fun making it.