Thursday, September 13, 2018

What does the Log Cabin block, Paper Piecing, and a Ballerina have in common?

Absolutely nothing!!!

Except that they have been sitting on my longarm in piles waiting to get finished for a while now.

Below is the Log Cabin blocks.

Island Batik Scraps, I can see the Victoria and Albert Line in there.  November's Island Batik Challenge.  This one would be close to be getting done but I have to do some cutting on these blocks and boy am I nervous that I make a mistake.  I know....get ur done!!!

I have been working on this paper piecing for months, I do mean months.  This is something that I designed. Not much on paper piecing but I am hoping this turns out.  Not a great mathematician either so keep your fingers crossed that it all works.  This project is the October Island Batik Challenge.  I will not be able to sew for ten days this month so I am frantically working on this one.

Then this ballerina, oh my gosh.  I have put more thought into this one.  It seems like all I do is think.  I have embroidered some things to go with it and now I am trying to decide how I can make her name look like the lettering I used in the embroidery machine.  I used designs that don't include the letttering, just the words.

By the way, this ballerina was made by enlarging her and then enlarging her on my printer.

I think I finally came up with something but we get our grandson today.  Oh yes....can't wait.  Maybe while he sleeps I can get her name done just right.  I have had several failed attempts but I am thinking this time might work.

Last night I finished four towels, this is the smaller towel but the larger one took me an hour to do (each).  Done....did I say it was done???  

It seems like the older I get the passing of time just speeds by, so enjoy today and don't worry about tomorrow.!!


Needled Mom said...

More time.... that's what you need. Our days are just too filled. I know that you would have them all done in a matter of hours if someone would just give us an extra week every once in awhile. Your little ballerina is so cute.

barbara woods said...

I have made one king sized log cabin quilt and loved it

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

That paper piecing looks like the worst part of it is done and now you can get down to the fun!
xx, Carol

Carol said...

Good luck on finishing your projects! I have similar piles... I have said for years that I need 2 more hours in each day. We definitely need to enjoy each day and make the most of it. Who knows what tomorrow will bring...

Gene Black said...

I have lots of "projects in a pile" too. Only one of those is to the "needs quilted" stage. One day I will clear the pile (ha!) But by then there will likely be a new pile.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Your ballerina is adorable. I've been craving some log cabin sewing lately. I was thinking about making some scrappy (of course) quilt as you go log cabins.