Wednesday, September 5, 2018


My sister's boss wanted five memory pillows made from her husband's ties.

When my sister brought me the ties, also included was a huge work overall, sweater, sweatshirt, nine ties.

I looked at these items and thought, what in the world am I going to do.

The items looked like cast off's.

I saw the overall and thought oh my heavens NOOOOO.

I got on pinterest.

Got a few ideas, well...I only took one idea,

and started to work.

This first pillow is what I got off pinterest.  It is simple but cute.


                                        Here is the back of the pillow.  This is actually the pant leg.


Then the ideas started coming.  I actually cut up the overall first.  The overall is the blue in all of the pillows.  When I sorted through what I cut up and made sure I had cut enough for five pillows, I just went to town.   When I got the ideas going, it was easy from there on out.

I loved using the pockets.  I pieced together the back.  Trust me, there was very little left of the overalls.

                               I thought this one was fun.  The back is the back of the sweatshirt.

Actually, they were all fun, so I just kept going and going.  In one evening I had four and part of the fifth pillow done.  Just need to sew them up.

Here is the back of the pillow.

Here is the sweater.  In fact, I was wondering what I would do with the sweater.  I actually, did not have any iron on interfacing so I took my heat n bond and ironed it onto a pieced of fabric.  Then I ironed it onto the sweater.  I didn't want it to stretch.  I saw on you tube how they made them without the interfacing but I wanted mine to be strong and not all stretchy.

                                                               Here is the back.

I tell you after the initial shock of the items and doing the first pillow, it was one fun time.  I don't think I have enjoyed myself like that in a long time.  Just cut me loose with some cast off's and Barb will be happy.  Like giving your small child a box and they will play for hours.

Oh, almost forgot, my Juki sewed over those thick parts like no one's business!


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Kathy E. said...
Your daughter-in-law is a very lucky lady to be a houseguest in your home! Learning the art of quilting from you is a gift she will always treasure...yes, you can tell you that! :) I'm loving the table topper and those luscious colors!

A big shout out to all of you who came by and commented and even to those who were not able to.


Needled Mom said...

Those are wonderful. You did a great job with those.

Sheila said...

Your pillows are so creative , they will be very much loved by those who receive them, fantastic job!

Frog Quilter said...

I love your creations. All are pretty and works of art and have memories sewn together. Kudos!!!

Gene Black said...

Isn't it fun to take "castoffs" and make something worth keeping. I made covers for two of Mom's throw pillows with some of Dad's old shirts that she really liked. I love seeing them and having "part of Dad" right there with us when we are sitting in her living room.

Jocelyn said...

Very creative.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Great job! How nice of you to do that. I bet she was thrilled.