Thursday, June 15, 2017


I am pretty sure that the two people I am making these for do not read my blog but to be safe I am not naming who the first quilt is for.

Using my Accuquilt go doggie die and Island Batik Fabric  I am making a doggie quilt.

Now I know that my husband does not read my blog so I am making him a chicken quilt.

I got these from FAT Cat patterns, love love Sindy's patterns, using Island Batik Fabrics except for the background fabric.  I had purchased this fabric a long time ago with the intention of making another Chicken quilt.  

This is such a small picture but here is a chicken quilt I did in Amerika Samoa.

The hard part about this is I have to hide what I am doing from my husband.  He is always interested in what I am doing so when he slips off to bed I pull his quilt out.  I only have two ready to stitch so who know how long this will take.

Once again I have my grandson.  He really is pretty good about staying out of things.  I showed him the iron and said HOT HOT and ironed something and then after it cooled a second, still wanted it warm, put it up to his cheek so he would understand.  So while he was playing I got the doggie squares ready.


Mystica said...

So nice!

julieQ said...

Super cute puppy quilt on the way!!

Gene Black said...

I think he will love the chicken quilt. I hope you manage to surprise him with it.
The receiver of the doggie quilt will love it too. If not, send it to me. LOL

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The doggie quilt will be darling!

That's how I taught my granddaughter about my hot iron. =)

Snoodles said...

Two awesome secrets! Love the background fabric on the chickies! Perfect!

Rhonda said...

These quilts will be wonderful surprises. I know it is very hard to hide things from the hubbies but he will love your gift!!!

Angie said...

I love the doggie quilt and the chicken quilt is so cool! Have a wonderful day!

KaHolly said...

So ambitious! And darling, both of them! I especially like the chickens!

Pamela said...

Your blocks are delightful! I'm sure your grandson enjoys those cute puppies too! Thanks for sharing this.