Monday, October 17, 2016


Are you ready for this???

This is my sewing machine.

I have loved this machine.  Still do.

Here is the problem.  I think the even feed has gone out.  I can not sew on this machine.  I can blanket stitch and quilt but it won't will sew but does not sew correctly and makes it a chore...I have to pull the fabric through.


It has been this way for months.

See this machine?

It is my embroidery machine.  It sews beautifully but just recently  has decided to cut off while I am sewing.

I will sew and it will stop....I have to patiently wait for it to turn back on.

I will so some it goes.    

I have been playing musical machines.  I would sew on my embroidery machine and quilt on it if that was the machine I was on at the time and blanket stitch and quilt on the other machine.

What a circus!!!!

So...........................  none of this would be a problem but

the cost to work on the embroidery machine is 150 to just look at it.



It is about 100 to look at my sewing machine.

Here is my quandary

I don't want a fancy sewing machine anymore.  I just want one that will do a pretty straight stitch and do the blanket stitch.  I do want the even feed.  Any suggestions?

Thinking about a different embroidery machine instead of a pfaff...not happy with the automatic cutter.  Any suggestions?

I need help.  The fun has gone out of sewing....gotta have the right equipment.

My husband says to just get them fixed.  I say get new machines.

What say you?


Bev C said...

Hello Barb,

I see the sense in getting a new machine when you add up the service over a few years it can amount to quite a bit. New machine sounds good.

Happy days.

Ca Ro said...

Oh dear, I can see exactly what you are facing. I used to have the Pfaff sewing machine as well.. and it was not a happy time. It kept breaking on me, I kept taking it to the shop to have it fixed. Eventually, it broke down completely, and the shop offered me a brand new machine as a replacement. I took it and sold it immediately. Now I bought a Janome MC8900, I have been in love with this machine ever since. I only regret not having sold the crappy Pfaff earlier. Since my bad experience with the machine have cost me so much trouble, I agree to your suggestion to buying a new machine. But I can also see your husband's point. How about a combination: Have the old one fixed, sell it, and get a new one that may make you happier. I hope you will find a way :-)
Regards from Germany :-)

Betsy said...

Barb my embroidery machine turns off all the time. It has to have its own circuit because it is very powerful. So when using it don't use another machine or iron on the same electrical circuit, also a very high powered surge protector is needed. It is a pain. I would take the one you sew with in

Gene Black said...

I say...yuck, what a dilemma.

Podunk Pretties said...

I say fix them and buy an older machine with no bells and whistles for piecing and average sewing needs.

Barbara said...

Since sewing is so much a part of your life, I think your husband may be right. But only if you have confidence spending the money would make them right. Otherwise, maybe it's time for a new one, or two?

Anonymous said...

I feel for you, I really do. I have a creative vision, mine doesn't shut off the foot pedal will quit working. ( I pull the cord for the foot pedal out and if I'm lucky when I plug it back in, it works ) In my opinion when Pfaff merged with Husqvarna the quality went downhill, I will never ever buy another Pfaff ( after owning 4 of them).
My suggestion is Bernina, I bought a 770 this spring and I couldn't be happier. If I really wanted to, I could buy the embroidery unit to go with it, just not interested anymore. Good Luck! Helen

swooze said...

If you fix them then they'd have some value for a trade at least. Good luck with your decision.

QuiltShopGal said...

Your local machine service fees seem rather high. There are a couple near me that will offer great specials, a few times a year. Thus, I'm wondering if yours may offer specials. Possibly even a special to service both? Admittedly I've never seen deals, as it gets closer to the holidays, but hopefully you can find something.

As far as machines, I think you need a Juki for straight stitch and speed. I don't have one but have heard great feedback from those that create as much as you do. Just not certain if it also has a blanket stitch, as most I know just love the quality, reliability and speed and use their Juki for straight stitching. Good luck.


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I have always loved my pfaff's for the even feed feature. I would fix the every day machine. As for embroidery, I got a Brother machine and could not be happier... it does convert to a regular sewing machine, but I love it most for the embroidery. Good luck in whatever you decide!

ShirleyC said...

I have had 3 Babylock embroidery machines, and I never had a problem until my last one. It would quit while I was embroidering. So the dealer called BL after not being able to fix it. They sent me another machine - not a brand new one, but one that had been used in an event. Mine was a year old. It did the same thing, and he called BL while I was there, and they sent a new motherboard, and it worked fine. It is an Ellageo Plus which they aren't going to make anymore. I think it was just the model that had problems, and just my luck.
The best thing about BL is that they have a 25 yr or maybe lifetime warranty on parts and labor.
I'm lucky that my dealer doesn't charge an up front fee. He only charges what it cost to fix it unless it's something I did to cause a problem, but I've never had to pay over $50.
I bought a Brother machine at a yard sale for $45 that is almost like new, and it sews great. I also bought a Brother for my granddaughter. You really can't go wrong with Brothers for everyday sewing, but you need to shop around to see which model you like best.

KaHolly said...

Is it all possible that you've accidently released your presser foot pressure? Good luck deciding what to do! When I get to Tx next month, I'm going to need to replace my machine. Seriously thinking of hunting down a used Kenmore. I love mine so much. I bought it new in 1974. XO

Anonymous said...

I have Pfaff 2134 and have had no problem at all. I think the newer Pfaff's are made overseas now and the quality may have deteriorated. Can't beat the integrated walking foot. I think Bernina is the only other machine that offers the integrated walking foot. I use my Singer featherweights for their straight stitch and Pfaff for the rest. I think I would try to get them fixed or as someone else suggested, fix the one you use for straight stitching and think about a Brother for embroidery. My friend has a Brother embroidery and loves it. No issues at all.
Bev in NS

Ariane said...

I would fix your machines first. If you still don't want to keep them after, sell or trade them.

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Get them fixed cheaper than new!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Sounds like a Halloween haunting to me......grin.

Pauline Michaud said...

I've had a Quiltexpression 4.0 and 4.2 for several years now, and I love them both. Have not had any problems with either one. I recommend fixing them... at least if you choose to, you could then sell them for something. There are so many beautiful machines available these days, that it really boils down to preference.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, they key for me here was that the prices you mentioned were just to LOOK at the machines and not the amount to fix them. If they give you an estimate and you have them repaired, will they credit the "look" charge to your bill? You'll probably have to shop around to see prices etc before you can make a knowledgeable decision. I'll be interested to see what you decide. No one ever mentions Viking...but I love mine. Last year I bought a cheap little Brother because I was working on a straight stitch project and didn't want to switch thread colors all the time. I like it OK, but not for my primary machine.
x, Carol

Anonymous said...

Be kind to your machines and get them checked every year or so. That maintains the machine and keeps it humming. I would get the machines repaired and then list them for sale if you did not want them any more. I have owned many machines of many brands but the one I love/love/love that is just fabulous...with fabulous stitches and thread cutter that I didn't know mattered so and needle down where you don't have to stitch for the needle to go down...the Janome 6500 is THE quilt machine. I had a business for over 11 years after retiring from teaching and did all my machine quilting of tops on it. It still goes and does beautifully and love it so I bought ANOTHER new one just in case some day it might not be made any more. Don't want that to happen in my lifetime. GO SEW ON ONE and see what I mean. Yowser!

Tangos Treasures said...

Yikes!! What a mess!! I would have the Pfaff looked at, but first I would try lowering the feed dogs and raise them back up. Making sure they are not clogged up with lint. That worked on mine. But whatever you do good luck!!

Jackie said...

Not a good position to be in for sure! Have you talked to the repair person? Maybe he can give you an idea if it's "worth it" to fix. A cleaning for my machine here is $100 so the amount quoted to me doesn't sound too bad as I'm sure your machine would be returned cleaned.

Missy Shay said...

On your first machine, try cleaning out the feed dogs, maybe there is just some lint stuck in it. I love my vintage machines, no computer parts to worry about. I do have a Janome I do my sewing on, all my quilting and piecing I do on either a hand crank sewing machine or a treadle.

MargaretP said...

I have a 1968 model Bernina and wouldn't trade it for anything, anytime. It is soooo solid and reliable and my machine mechanic said he always recommends them for schools as they are so well made they can always be repaired .
Even though mine is a 1968 model that makes it 48 years old , it sews perfectly. When you use a machine constantly you need something reliable that will give you a quality result in keeping with your talent and effort.
Sorry you are having such a frustrating time, that would drive me crazy.
It might be a good idea to research what your machines will bring as a second hand sale item. may not be worth the spend to fix them.
My mechanic says machines need a pad under them to stop vibrations affecting the timing etc. And also need to be covered to stop minute dust particles from infiltrating and building up, this will cut down on the need for services to clean and maintain in top condition.
Good luck with your decisions and ultimate choices.

Rae said...

Hopefully you have solved you dilemma by now, but if you are considering a new machine may I suggest trying Costco? I am in no way affiliated with Costco just a very satisfied customer. After having multiple problems with a machine purchased I purchased from a sewing shop I eventually traded down just to have a good basic working machine. Still wanting more decorative stitches than I had I decided to try Costco because of their ease of returns. I even asked them about repairs before I purchased one because of my previous machines issues. Their response just return it if you have a problem and get a refund. They didn't even give me a time limit on returning it. Also the price dropped on my machine and I just called customer service and they happily gave me the difference back! They even carry Janome now. While I hate to promote a big company over a local dealer, the ease of service, lower price and return policy are worth it.