Saturday, October 15, 2016


Art With Fabric Blog Hop

During this week I have seen some amazing pieces that have so blown me out of the water.  To be honest I truly do not feel I belong in this group of hoppers.

It has been fun to see what inspires others and how they interpret the designs they have chosen.

We were asked to pick an art piece (painting, drawing sculpture, architecture)...Anything and put a twist to it or how ever you want to do it.  We can use any kind of technique we chose using fabrics.

For myself I have chosen Picasso


I have taken this exert from Lisa's history room

"the “Dove of Peace” Picasso had created for the 1949 Paris Peace Conference had caught on. It had become a symbol for the peace movement, the Communist Party, and other liberal groups. In the years that followed, Picasso agreed to create other peace doves for conferences across Europe.
The modern peace dove is a more whimsical bird than the 1949 original. This proud bird is portrayed in happy flight, bearing numerous bouquets of olive branches and flowers in its wings, beak, and feet.

Here is my piece using Island Batik Fabrics

I chose this piece because we live in such troubled times and I know that the majority of the people on this earth truly want peace.

I had planned to use ribbon instead of his squiggly random colors but that didn't work so I just have Peace coming out of his mouth and some hearts because I know peace is in the hearts of most mankind.

There is only one other blogger posting today

Chris @ chrissquiltinguniverse (

If you have not been to all of the other blogs, please do go by.  Certainly a source of inspiration.

Thanks Alida for allowing me to be a part of this amazing blog hop.


KaHolly said...

I haven't seen any of the other hoppers. Your Peace Dove is perfect. I'm sure it's a nice addition to the hop! XO

Gene Black said...

That is a beautiful rendition of the Dove of Peace, Barb. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara said...

Drawing with batik fabric, especially Island Batiks, is beautiful, and it must have been tediousith thin lines. I love it!

Needled Mom said...

That is a great interpretation of the piece, Barb.

Annie said...

Nicely done, Barb! A perfect message at this time.

Summer Killebrew said...

You did a beautiful job on your dove. :)

Kathy E. said...

Barb, you've made a beautiful piece of art with Picasso's dove! I'll bet it was fun going a bit out of your box and exploring something new. I so agree that peace is needed in this world and it starts within each of us. Pass it on and keep sharing the peace! :)

QuiltShopGal said...

I love your art quilt. Beautiful dove. Great job.


Linda said...

I just love your peace dove! Your message rings true!

quiltedfabricart said...

I did not know that Picasso made a peace dove. Good choice and font tell Picasso but I like yours better :-)

Snoodles said...


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I almost laughed when I read that you didn't feel like you didn't fit in with these other fabric artists....almost. Because it gave me pause to think about how every single one of us, unless our ego is ready to bust, feels just a bit inferior to those who's work we admire.

You should not have been afraid that your ART would not measure up because it is so lovely and creative. You do the Dove proud.
Peace to all of us.
xx, Carol

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Barb, your piece is really wonderful. Don't feel like you don't belong - it really is great!

AlidaP said...

You definitely belong to this group of artists! You have a wonderful artistic eye as you created a piece that is a great interpretation of the original Picasso. I love all the details you included and how well balanced everything is!! Thank you for sharing your talent with us and for joining the blog hop!!