Thursday, August 18, 2016


Needless to say that I have had a lot of projects that needed to be done asap.

My son dropped his son (my adorable grandson) off for three days last week.

I just sighed and thought....oh well...back burner for a while on the asap items.
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Did I regret it....NO

Did I have fun....YES

Would I drop everything again....
in a stinking heart beat!!!!!

Then this week a little friend needed someone to watch her infant baby girl while she worked or she would have to call fun fun.....

In between all of that I made a few bags.

these bags are by ithinksew

I did a few things differently but overall enjoyed the pattern.

I actually got a free day today, a free day for me is.....there is nothing I am expected to do today.
So I finished my Island Batik Blog Hop project....

Here is a sneak peak.
                 The Island Batik Ambassador Blog hop Starts this coming Monday....whohoooo


Monday Aug 15 – Rain Forest
Kissed Quilts
Wednesday Aug 17 – Sand Dune
Purrfect Spots
KnitBug 2
Friday Aug 19 – Surf Squirt
Quilting Affection
Archipelago Quilting
Monday Aug 22 – Tradewinds
Arkangel Creations
Bejeweled Quilts
Tuesday Aug 23 – Equinox
Kauffman Designs
Adele Mogavero
Wednesday Aug 24 – Sea Canyon
Lemon Tree Snippets
Bea Quilter
Thursday Aug 25 – Sea Foam
Stone Cottage Quilts
Sew Supportive
Friday Aug 26 – Spoolin’ Around
Sallys Quilting Corner
Monday Aug 29 – Tide Pools
Inchworm Fabrics
Tuesday Aug 30 – Wind and Sea
For Quilts Sake
Patchwork Breeze
Thursday Sep 1 – Splash
Kissed Quilts
The Patchwork Pearl

Friday Sept 2 – Landscapes
For Quilts Sake


hetty said...

Ohhhh Cute! The bags are nice too. Little ones have so much energy. And I think some of it rubs off on us old folks when we look after them.

QuiltShopGal said...

I'm sorry if I'm being rude, but I have to speak from my heart. If you share a post of your beautiful grandson, with such a heartwarming smile, it really doesn't matter if you share any form of #CreativeGoodness. My heart is lost at the picture of your grandson. Two cute. Did you say three days? Lucky you. I'd drop everything for such a cutie.


Gene Black said...

How could you say no to that cute little face?

Barbara said...

I had to giggle at the way you slipped in a few bags here, and the island batik project there while taking care of little ones! I have my three grandkids right now and barely found time to check my blog. Of course, 3 at once is a bigger challenge!
Have fun with your free time. ☺️

West Michigan Quilter said...

Your grandson is adorable. I bet you had a great time with him. Love your bags. You are getting lots done!

Needled Mom said...

OMGosh.....that little face is so precious! It sounds like you have had some wonderful time with wee ones. Sewing can always wait!!!

Your bags look great. They look like a really nice size too.

beaquilter said...

You're such a great grandma and friend! wish I had that ;)

AnnieO said...

What an adorable son your son produced! Your bags look wonderful.