Sunday, July 24, 2016


If someone can mess something up, it will be me.

I have my hand raised!!

Biggest Screw up!

Here is my Island Batik project for next month!!

I have been saving it...had it done early....

I thought I could relax


I had made this for the August Blog hop but the full information didn't come out until after I had this finished.

Isn't my little hula girl cute?

                                                    Here is a close of of some of the quilting...

I got the hula girl off the free coloring book page here: and just enlarged it.
Even tho this is a great project and fits in the theme which we didn't have yet.

The theme will be seaside....

but wrong fabric....

Oh yes...

you heard it here first.


Biggest screw up ever!!!

The main fabrics used here was "Lavish" and some Desert Rose by Island Batik.

Truly it is not the end of the world.....great project,

lots of fun.

just have to get back to the drawing board and come up with
another project.

I have to admit, I have the most fun when I am coming up with something of my own.
It is like the world stands still and heaven forbid if my husband wants supper during one of these "Aha" moments.

So meet me here next month on the 22nd for my Island Batik project for the blog hop

I will be using Tradewind fabrics.  I love these fabrics, they remind me of Samoa and the hotel there is called fitting name for sure.


  1. Oh, no! Not a bad screw up. Though! You didn't grossly miscut, or spill bleach on it, or anything! You still ended up with an adorable piece to share! X

  2. You certainly did a great job on this "screw-up"
    The applique flowers are wonderful.

  3. I love those surprise moments too, creating something of my own that I never knew was in me. Some of mine are screw-ups also, but my grandchildren love my goofy dolls!

  4. I too love your pieces. If only my screw-ups worked out as well but sadly no....

  5. Bummer.....BUT.....she is soooo cute. Can't you photoshop the other fabric into it?????

  6. Somehow I don't see a screw up, but another amazing creation. Just may not have happened in the order, nor with fabrics, you "now" think you should have been working with. I still look forward to seeing what you create for the Island Batik blog hop next month, as I'm sure it will be spectacular, as all your creations are.


  7. LOL!! What a cutie she is though. Now I really can't wait to see what you come up with for your August project! :-)

  8. Murphy's Law! Just when you think you've got everything under way and even done ahead of time, something happens to thwart your good intentions. You still ended up with a fun project to admire and smile about! Great quilting, too!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous "screw up"!! Love your lil hula girl!

  10. it looks great and I'd still share it in August


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