Monday, April 4, 2016


The fabrics I used were Island Batik's Lavish

 and Deseret rose for the flowers and handles

. Can I just say that I love this fabric and I also know that I am a broken record.  I took this picture out on our tree stump.

 This picture was taken in my house and was wondering which buttons you like?  Answer this question for me and I will give one person a free April Showers Pattern.

Now for some over due business....

The winner of Wendy's  book  "Quilts and Projects from precuts and stash" was
Cute placemat. Thank you for the chance to win the book.

The winner of my April Showers Island Batik fabric giveaway is :
What gorgeous fabric! I think you may be making a table mat with umbrellas? Just guessing.


So Janet, I just need your address.....  Rita's book is probably already on it's way.

Thank you to all who came by and left a comment. 
 The weather is so beautiful outside so I want to show you my potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, and cucumbers.  Truly April Showers did me good.

I don't think you can call me a farmer or a person with a green thumb but I know you can call me lazy.  I put everything in pots.    My strawberries are in rain gutters (thanks to my husband for the construction).  Tomatoes on the side as well as cucumbers in pots.  
 What I am really proud of is my potatoes.  I saw a youtube and couldn't wait to try it out.  So far so good.  I prepared the bottom with rocks and paper.  Put a layer of soil, then placed the potatoes.  Added soil on top and just waited for them to grow.

Believe me when I tell you that it didn't take long for them to grow.

When they sprouted up about 4 inches I added more soil on top.  I have done this process five times now.  They just sprung up again and tomorrow I will add more soil on top.  I am so excited.

The hardest part is waiting to see if I have some good potatoes.

 Here are my strawberries....I am so happy since last year they did not do too good.

I hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful weather.  This month Island Batik Ambassadors are showing the wonderful fabrics of Island Batik using the theme "April showers"....which you can find the ambassadors on my sidebar.


  1. Such a cute little table topper and in great colors!

    Your garden is coming along nicely. I wish we could get some of those showers.

  2. Blue buttons!

    Your talents are limitless!

  3. I love this pattern. I think I like the round blue buttons best.

  4. I like the pop of blue, but the little flower buttons are such a perfect match for the flowers! So, the flower buttons get my vote :)

  5. Pretty clever gardening! Love, love, love this pattern, esp. done up in the batiks you have chosen. My preference would be the blue buttons! XO

  6. What a delightful pattern! Makes you smile just to look at it! Only problem is that we aren't getting April Showers here. We're covered in snow. Looking at your design makes me hope the April Showers will soon start!

  7. Darling table topper, perfect for spring showers! I prefer the round blue buttons. Thanks for the peek into your garden.

  8. OMGosh that block is so pretty. Perfect fabric choices. Oh, you are making me feel so impatient for spring to arrive in Northern Indiana...we still have snow in the forecast! Another week to stay in and stitch!
    xx, Carol

  9. Very pretty table topper! It will be along time before anything sprouts here--we are supposed to have more snow this week--ack!

  10. Your Texas weather is nicer than our Ohio weather for sure. Nice to see a garden already started.

    Your pattern is so you...and the Island Batiks look great with your design. Island Batik has some very nice fabrics for sure.


  11. I need to contact Barb. What is your email address?

  12. Beautiful the yellow buttons. You make me want to go outside and dig in the dirt. Haha!

  13. Cute table topper and love the ideas for the potatoes, and the strawberries.

  14. I think the flower buttons are perfect!

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  16. The blue buttons are great - yellow seems to get lost!!


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