Thursday, September 5, 2013


It seems that every time I want to get down and dirty with my sewing that I have to clean my sewing room first?

What is up with that?

I could be a messy quilter????

I could be a lazy quilter (not willing to take the time to pick up after myself as I sew).

I could be a "I don't care" quilter.....don't care about the mess and don't care how long it sits there.
            to be honest, I hate clutter.....


Maybe I am  an unorganized quilter?

 No matter how hard I try....just don't make the gravy.

So my floors are swept.

My table is cleaned off.

Do many of you do this?

I cut off an old Clorox bottle and used it for a catch all by my sewing machine.

So I moved it and decided to put a smaller one next to the machine hoping that I could not catch too

much in it.

I notice that I clean it out more...and notice that the Clorox bottle is not cleaned out yet....

  Do I really need those items?


Now...when I cook, I clean as I go so there is not so much to clean when I am done.

My mother taught me to clean the bathroom as I am in there...

So....what can I say?

I make my bed when I get out of it....

So why can't I keep my sewing room organized.

 I have seen some of your sewing rooms....

I have a drool rag next to me when I see them and my sin of envy comes out.

Does it really matter? I am are happy....

Happy!  Happy!  Joy! Joy!

So...don't judge me....!!

Now to some down and dirty is serious business today....WHOOOOOOOOO

Let the sewing commence.

Oh by the way, I failed to mention that the runner  Gobble Gobble was made with the Accuquilt Go cutter, I used the Heather Feather die # 2 and the heart die.  I don't have the letter's die but if you have that you are set.  Even if you do not have this Accuquilt Go cutter, the applique pieces are included so you can cut them out youself.


  1. It is surprising how easily the sewing room can get messed up.

  2. I know what you are dealing with. I have the same problem. Let's face it: creative quilters are messy!

  3. Every time I start a new project, I have to totally clean up and put everything away. When I am in the throes of being creative, I don't pay much atttention to staying organized or picked up! I think it just comes with the territory!

  4. everytime I sew my sewing room becomes a mess and everytime I start a new project I clean it up first.....I think sewing is just there you have my excuses....your gobble gobble is adorable....

  5. I resemble those remarks. I'm all cluttered up with the sewing room....I use an empty laundry box to store quilting stuff....LOL
    Love your Goggles!!

  6. Barb you only see our sewing rooms when we have cleaned them - not when we are actually working. :) blessings, marlene

  7. I seem to have the same problem Barb. Every time I want to sew, I have to clear a path. Mostly on my sewing table. It's a nice big area, but it sure catches a lot of stuff :-(

  8. Right there with ya sister. I keep all those rooms clean, but Bunnyville is always a major disaster. I guess creativeness is never tidy. ;)
    Love your gobblers! Way to fun!

  9. I like your Gobblers!!!! So cute!

  10. I like your Gobblers!!!! So cute!

  11. I too resemble those remarks, I think many of us are just the same. No pressures---- take care. Hugs, Marie

  12. It's the sign of a creative mind. Seriously, it is.

  13. Oh, I see that Marilyn has already given you my comment. It's what I've heard anyway... An unorganized sewing room is a sign of a creative mind.

  14. I think if you are really creative, you constantly move project to project who wants to loose momentum by cleaning. If someone was going to take pictures my room would be perfect to . Like you I clean while I cook but don't want to waste my sewing time

  15. Clean? I have to do that just to find my iron and my scissors. I wish I were kidding when I say I have 4 magnetic pin keeps....and I have too search for those sometimes. It's life and if we stop to evaluate everything...we'll never get to the I say...keep on keeping on and only clean when you can't find your machine, scissors or pins!


  16. Don't worry. I think most of our sewing spaces are the same way. I can organize and organize and still have a mess.

  17. I pick up the area around my machine after sewing because I have it in a room on the main floor, but I keep the fabrics for each project in a tub or bag, so when I'm finished I have a tendency to set the tub/bag aside and start the next project, never taking the fabrics out of the tub or bag...til they start to pile up. Sometimes I get tired of the pile so I move them up to the quilt machine room...where they might sit until I need to use it. With any luck, I will take the time to finally unload the tubs and bags and put the fabrics away.

  18. You do the most amazing things with that Accuquilt cutter. So far beyond the ordinary.

  19. Love your Gobble Gobble. As a matter of fact, I grouped junk off my sewing table just last evening! I had some wire baskets that mine went in. The trouble with grouping is that you don't know WHICH group that certain little tool went into when you need it!

  20. I'll send you pics of my sewing room and work area soon...and I'm sure you'll feel all Martha Stewart because in comparison to my slothy self, you my friend are a neat freak! We can't all be the 'put everything away and clean up' type of people...and how does that saying go...a messy room is the sign of a creative mind...or something like that.....never let your creative mind slacken because of a messy room...if I say it loud enough EVERYONE might overlook my mess lol Hugs and good luck with your move. Naomi x


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