Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quilt of Valor

I finally finished my "Quilt of Valor" from the hop that Marjorie did.

I gave this to my Navy son.

I chose this pattern so I could practice my FMQ

 but my son came home the other day and said he needed a smaller blanket for his bed.

So I debated on whether to just meander this quilt or put it aside (for a longer period of time) until I could get to it and do some pretty stitches.

As you can see......the boy's need took over my desire to save it for a time I could quilt the dog out of it.
Was a nice Saturday project.....
even tho...once again
 I am doing the things I don't need to be doing
putting off the things I should be doing....
Oh well....Tomorrow is another day!


  1. Oh Barb, that is so beautiful. And youndid a wonderful job quilting it!

  2. Beautiful quilt. Love the quilting too. Bet your son loves it.

    1. Yes, Scarlet, tomorrow is another day.........and can we say no to our sons.........not me anyway.........the Quilt of Valor is just beautiful and very "Navy" looking too, I must say...........

  3. I love your QOV. I think you used your Saturday wisely.

  4. It turned out great, I really like the pattern!

  5. It is a nice quilt and I am sure he is the envy of his buddies. That is an awesome pattern. I like it.

  6. I can feel how proud your son must be to have that special quilt ,it has so much meaning! Hugs, Marie

  7. That is what I always say. My grandson was visiting and he decided he needed another blanket so I let him pick out the fabric, build the design on the design wall and decided on the decorative stitches in the blocks. I was not planning on putting out a quilt in 24 hour.

  8. Beautiful, I know he loves it!

  9. Wonderful!! Sure he will think of Mom's love when he tucks in!!

  10. I do love stars and this pattern is fabulous! What's the name of the pattern? Is it your creation? You do amaze me with what you can design and do. Hope all is well with you and the boys.

  11. It is looking so adorable because of unique design thanks for the sharing and keep it up.

    Lovely Villas France

  12. Love your quilt...and I'm sure your son is tickled RED, White and BLUE!! own a Pfaff Grand Quilter mid arm, don't you? Do you have any problems with fraying/breaking needle thread?? I am so frustrated with my PGQ!!
    Any help would be great!!

  13. Barb, I still love this quilt and I know your son will love it too. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.


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