Monday, August 12, 2013


Most of you know Judi and Clint at Green fairy quilts and I am sure you all have seen Judi's awesome award winning quilts...she is amazing.

 I have been friends with Judi since day one of my blogging and I think the beginning of her blogging as well....she just draws you in with her wonderful family and husband.

 Well...each year they go to Romania with quilts and food.

 This year they are focusing mostly on food for the impoverished in Romania.

 They would like to have enough money to give so when they leave Romania that there will be food for months afterwards.

  Notice the button on my sidebar, you can hit that button and donate even if it is a dollar.

 ALL of the money goes to Romania...Clint and Judi pay their own way there and back and their own expenses. That is why I love this Charity so much.

 What I would like is to donate half the proceeds from this Reindeer quilt pattern to their Charity. You can find the pattern here

Now....don't comment and say oh Barb...that is so awesome of you...Not so.  Carroll from Attic Shop Windows is half designer of this quilt.  I emailed her and told her that I had the pattern in my shop and wanted to give her half of the proceeds.

She said she didn't want half, to do with her half whatever I wanted to.  So....this is what I want to do.  So I am donating half of the proceeds in Carroll's name.  So the praise goes to her.

Please share this post so we can raise money for This charity.....


West Michigan Quilter said...

I love Judi and her fantastic quilting. I have a much admired table topper of hers on my dining room table. What a worthy cause and I'm so glad you are donating money to it. I'll share your post on my blog. Hope you are very successful!

sandra said...

Hi Barb I have always donated either quilt or money to help out. I love Judy and her sweet family. So l donated and bought your pattern which I know Jonah will love if I just can figure out how to download
It lol blessing Sandra

Snoodles said...

Wonderful idea, Barb! I have helped out with the Romania trips before, and I will again! Thanks for making it so easy to help Judi and Clint. :)

bobbi said...

Hi Barb,
I´m American at home near Nuremberg, Germany. I´ve been keeping up with Caroll´s Newsletter for a long time now and we found we have a few things in common. It´s wonderful you´re helping the cause, even in Caroll´s name!
I´m also a fan of Judy and all of her fabulous work, read about her efforts for Romania. Of all the places in the world--and it just happens to be Romanian orphanages that my friends and I have been donating quilts and goods/toys etc. Soon we´ll meet again, quilting for Romanian children and also lap quilts for the elderly in a home near Karlsruhe.
Happy quilting always, successful collection and sales also for donation and hugs!