Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Are any of you familiar with Happy Town Fabric line? It was designed by Jacquelynne Steves/Henry Glass Fabrics.
You can see the whole line here!

They are also having a contest, you make a quilt with Happy Town fabrics, send the quilt in and you can win up to 500 dollars.  You can go here for the contest rules: 

you can get a free pattern here:

You can get the fabrics at the Fat Quarter Shop as well as other local shops.

The quilt you send in will go to charity and the royalties from this fabric line go Quits for Kids.

This fabric is so fun I am sure your creative juices will just flow.  Deadline is April 15th.

Now on to the winners of the Irish Blessing Topper

Thanks to all of the wonderful comments, I enjoyed them and was pleased that some of you found the pattern worth commenting for.

Linny and Agnes Bullock are the winners....I will be sending the pdf right over.

Thanks again.
The pattern can be found in my etsy shop and inchworm fabrics....  bejeweledquilts is my etsy shop name.


on a side note, our bathtub was not draining properly so I was the lucky one that had the privilege of unplugging it.  Much to my surprise.....threads.....white threads, brown, orange, blue...you name it....hummmmmm wonder how that happened?



Cindy said...

Hmmm....I have no idea how that could have happened . LOL

SewCalGal said...

I wasn't aware of the contest. Thanks for sharing.

Congratulations to Linny and Agnes Bullock. And, I'm excited to know your cute new table topper design is available at InchWorm.

I am curious how threads got in your bathtub? Are you hand washing all your fabric? Taking showers right have you've rippited? Hmmm. Curious minds want to know......or maybe I shouldn't ask.


Terry said...

Our tub drain needs some work Barb...wanna come fix it for us? LOL

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Thank you!

Wacky Woman said...

So tempting. I need to read the instructions a 2nd time. Hmmmmm. I like happy fabric.

Jean said...

It had to be those darn towels shredding again!

Heather said...

I can't possibly image where those threads could have come from.

sandra said...

I love her fabric and follow her blog, also have her first book which I love looking at and hope one day to do something. I heard about her contest but right now I just don't have time to get into it. How you doing Barb> Blessings Sandra

Needled Mom said...

How DID that happen?

linny said...

Thank you for picking my name. Love the pattern.