Friday, February 22, 2013


Yesterday after super I began to load this quilt (which took me nearly all day to prep because of one issue or another).

 The backing went on wonderfully....

 I thought...this is great....I will be able to start stitching on this tonight.

 Next the batting....whohooooo making headway...

 Then I got to the top....oh my stinking gosh....

 Let the head banging and name calling begin.

"I am so............" you fill in the blanks

I can't believe I am so............... You fill in the blanks....

 bang the head against the wall (didn't really do this but wanted to).

 This quilt is real important to me so I wanted it to be perfect.

 I contacted a few people to get all the information before I started.

Yes, I have used this before but I just let my baby quilts free float.

 I watched videos....

 Then when it came to the top..... Sheweeee...after about an hour of frustration, I went downstairs and grabbed a book.
 Still irritated with myself and not wanting anyone to talk to me because some one's head was going to roll if they did.

 I know it was not any one's fault but I was just so mad at myself.
 I go online and talked to Debi and she went through what she did. I was watching "Project Runway" the light bulb went off.... I am loading the top wrong. You can fill in the blank here.

 You would have thought I would have gone back and fixed it. nope...there it hung...all night.

Then on Tuesday I made 80, yes eighty of these little aprons.  Once again about halfway through

 I started chastising myself.  Whey do I always bite off more than I can chew?  Why am I doing this, I am ..... (you fill in the blank).

 I didn't post these earlier because if you were not a Mormon, you would think, how arrogant but if you were to come to my lesson that I am teaching Sunday, you would know differently.


  1. Sometimes we have to just step away from what we're working on when things don's go right. That's going to be a beautiful quilt when it's done! :0)

  2. Sounds like you overcome your frustrations. Have fun quilting the tree quilt.

  3. I hope the quilting goes well today now that you have it figured out, Barb. That is a lot of aprons!!!

  4. So glad you figured out what was happening with loading the top. The little aprons are are so talented.

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  6. Looks like it was one of those days when your feet hit the just put them back in...for the day.

    Sorry, hope today is better.

  7. oh oh how did you load thw top wrong?

  8. The quilt is gorgeous. Glad to hear you figured it out.

  9. LOL, sorry, not funny I know. But recognizing ourselves in your story makes us laugh. That's a good thing. Humor will get you through!

  10. If I lived closer, I'd definitely attend your lesson on Sunday. While not Mormon, I was raised to appreciate and respect all religions. And, I've learned many wonderful lessons from Mormon teachings too!

    Sorry you had a head banging day. Glad you figured it out. Did you see the free longarm series on The Quilt Show? I do recall the first episode was all about loading and troubleshooting. Not sure if that would help.


  11. But you DID alot accomplished!!

  12. I love the quilt and the aprons. Can't for the life of me figure out what went wrong on loading the quilt. You can always call me too when it's not going on right.

  13. Deep breaths, now repeat ..... inner peace, inner peace, inner peace.... and another deep breath....... sigh!
    Hope that helped.

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  15. So glad you figured it out. That happened to me once and someone in the group mentioned that I should check how it was loaded, and sure enough I had done it wrong. Ugh! You'll have to tell me about that last picture.

  16. Take care, my friend....all that head-banging can be detrimental to the clear thinking needed to continue having creative fun. :) Been there. Hugs to you!

  17. So sorry you had a bad day! Cute quilt and aprons!!

  18. Oh dear! It looks like you had one of "those" days! So sorry! I hope you don't have too big a headache today? It will be interesting to see how you end up fixing that quilt....

  19. Been there, right along beside you! My Momma always taught me to walk away and begin with a fresh perspective, and it usually works. I hope it will be better with your next attempt, It is a pretty quilt top ~

  20. Babe, I call that total immersion. It takes some of us 80 or more other things on our plates before we see the trees for the forest. You are not alone...I promise. I say, count it all good and keep moving forward. One thing I know for certain, your heart is in the work....what more can anyone ask for? Nuttin Honey!!!


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