Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Leslie from "The Cuddle Quilter" emailed me last night about Thimbleberries Sew day....

Man!!! I had forgotten. To be honest I remembered at the beginning of the week and gave it some thought...but the thought left as quickly as it came.

Just like that!!

Oh...Thimbleberries Sew day coming this Wednesday...

GONE!!!...the thought going in a room and forgetting why you are there...just gone...

So this morning I was looking for a bit of inspiration.

So I pulled out the only Thimbleberry Fabrics that I have....Oh....I just love them. I wish there was a Thimbleberry Club...kinda like the Mickey Mouse Club....I could be Annette (ha!! a lot of you don't even know who she is....) I dating myself???

Got my books out. I enjoyed seeing Leslie's on her blog today
As I was flipping through my books I came across some I have already done.

Here is one.... My first blue ribbon!!
This one....
Gave this one away....
Gave two of these away...sometimes I just can't do one.
OH...and you saw the toppers I did for Christmas...sorry..didn't include pictures of those.

Then there is this one HUGE quilt, it can't even fit in this room. I wish I was at my sister Beverly's home, she would have room.

So...among all of the inspiration I thought, why not sandwich this puppy today??? It is going to take me a while .... I am going to put it on my bed and get the layers together and then bring it downstairs and pin it on my counter.

I love the backing fabrics, it matches may not think so but it does....really!!
So I have my work cut out for me this get busy. All you gals out there that are doing Thimbleberries, be sure to come by and comment so I can make a the mean time, do check out all of the blogs on my sidebar. Should be a fun day!!!

A smiling moment....I had asked David to take my sheets upstairs (I had just finished washing them) later on I go up there and the bed it made..... I thought I was having a senior moment because I didn't remember making the all can guess who did....Kudos to you David!!!


  1. I also have some of these books and although I didn't win a ribbon for mine I did make that little quilt you won your ribbon for , mine was for a challenge and I did make some slight changes to make it fit the challenge and I love it . Have fun with your sandwiching , is that a word lol!

  2. Man I wish my kids did chores when they came to visit. I guess I am dating myself when I say I liked Annette too.

  3. I looked through my Thimbleberries books last night and picked one out. I'll be working on it later tonight when I get home. I love all of yours and I like the backing fabric too. Have fun and show us what you decided later.

  4. Haha! And Cubby, and Bobby, and Darlene, and, and....Sigh. Those were fun shows! You have fun today with your Thimbleberries project! Gorgeous quilt, and the backing fabric is stunning!
    Isn't it wonderful how our kids will surprise us sometimes! Sweet!

  5. Hey ! I'm a golden oldie , who's Annette .
    I wish I had been on the receiving end of the brown Thimbleberry quilt .It's lovely . Ah! well.

  6. Can I actually comment again? This is amazing!!!!!! Have fun sewing today, Barb.

  7. What fun it is to see all the projects you have done! And lucky you to have some Thimbleberries fabric on hand...I will have to "pretend" and use something similar. I bet a lot of us have the same books! Enjoy the day!

  8. I'm with Needled Mom. I can actually leave comments today. Have a good day sewing today Barb. I'm about ready to go start. I got all my chores done. Yay!

  9. Love your quilts, especially the tulip one. Yes, I remember Annette. I always thought she was the cutest and wanted to be her...although I had blonde hair. Hope you got your quilt layered and pinned.

  10. Hi Barb I know who Annette is and in fact I was singing the Mickey Mouse Club song to Jonah today because he had a Mickey Mouse balloon.He just laughed because he had no idea who Mickey Mouse was.Love all of your Thimmbleberries blocks, and I hope you finished what you set out to do today. Blessings

  11. Great leaf fabric- You have some beautiful toppers and Thimbleberries patterns. The blue ribbon one is particularly wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love all of your quilts!! They are amazing! I think my favorites are the tulip quilt and the one you won a blue ribbon for. I hope you had a successful quilt sandwiching day!!

  13. It's all in the small gestures...David is my kind of lovely that he thought to make the bed! Shows such a generosity of spirit...
    Love all of your work Barb....but particularly in this post the blue ribbon one...
    Though have a special fondness for the one you gave me...
    Like mother like son...!
    Warm wishes from Johannesburg

  14. Wow, Barb ... that backing fabric is beautiful and you're right, it's perfect for the top! We have an LQS that does do a Thimbleberry stitcher's club; it sounds right up your alley! :)

  15. Wonderful T-berrie projects! I hadn't thought about taking pics of past projects. Your quilt is going to be a beauty!

  16. I remember those Thimbleberries days. I was in a group when I first started quilting. It was fun.

  17. I can fully understand why you were awarded a blue ribbon for your quilt. BEAUTIFUL.

  18. You can be Annette. I always wanted to be Spin (Spin and Marty).


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