Sunday, August 1, 2010


Alot of people are going to retreats, giving retreats and having so much fun that I decided to have my own got own. It started with the Go cutting camp day....

Now today for my Camp retreat you will see that my husband I went hiking. Four hours worth!
Here is a view from the mountain ridge. Was so fun, it did rain on the way down and think we were dragging tail when that thunder would clap.....two drowned rats jumping and hauling it as fast as our feet could carry us on the slippery slope. It has rained on us before but it was so muddy this time that it was hard to stay up right. So no quilting on Day two..well, not is late but who a nap and read blogs...ready to go now!!
You have to have a little treats for the M & M's here....pooey
I was going to make myself a little gifty and still might, for me attending my retreat...we will see.

I sandwiched these on Tuesday.....the four drunkard paths and orange slice.

Here is a project I am going to work on tonight or Monday...tomorrow we don't sew at camp retreat...we go to church.....yes, if you come to my retreat, Sunday Church time....... Oh...I cut these Builder Bob's with my go cutter, it was a pillow case (not very good one) now it is going to be a quilt.

Sixteen pillowcases for Lady Bug Studio Go Cutter giveaway for my sister Jeanette, made Tuesday (not during retreat time).

One non-quilted blanket for the Go cutter giveaway....I love the stitching my machine did around the yes, this was a retreat huh? See what fun you would have had if you came?

Today after the nap my husband took me fabric shopping. Went in one shop and tried to dicker with them about the price (one gal did and they lowered the price) but they would not lower it for me. Their prices are so high that I told them I was going to buy a ton of fabric but they wouldn't budge, so I left. Then we went to another one, they were closed...pooey.... One left...closed too...pooey. They sure close up shop early on Saturday. shop hop was a bust!!! I will plan better next time if you want to come??

PS>>>>>There were a few of you who had expressed an interest to send quilting supplies ....I said I would think on it. I have an idea and if you are still interested....please email me.


  1. Bob the builder quilt, my little boy would love that. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  2. I would love to attend your retreat..sans the hike..can I stay behind while you guys hike. I'll keep the "Go" company.


  3. I suppose if I had been on the retreat, I would have finished the quilt I am "not" working on. I really did sew n it some yesterday. But it is big and heavy now and it is too hot to have it all over me while I am working.

  4. tee hee sounds fun! When's the next one?

  5. Barb,your quilt retreat sounds like a blast. I bet if you were to schedule one, many would come.

  6. Well, your retreat is having it's ups and downs with the weather and shophop but overall sounds fun and wish I could attend!

  7. I had my own personal retreat at the beach a couple of weeks ago. I think I will also retreat this week. My grandsons are with their other grandmother. Great idea.

  8. Yes, that builder bob sounds really cute. It appears, as usual, you are accomplishing an awful lot. Sorry, the fabric stores were closed! What a bummer...especially after your hard earned exercise. Better luck next time.

  9. well, i would be a bejewled camp retreat, but i wasn't invited :(

  10. Looks like you have been very busy again. You are cranking those pillowcases out so quickly.

    I like the Bob the Builder fabric too.

  11. I'll be there next year. Save me a spot, will you?

  12. Barb, you crack me up! I love your retreat and wish I could join you! Hiking during retreat is a good thing. I only wish I could have a GO! Cutter day at Camp Gramma's. Thanks for making me smile.

  13. Wow - you are BUSY! But I must say that spending the day up on that mountain - despite the rain - would have been fabulous! What a gorgeous photo.

    And I adore that little pink quilt with the heart stitching around the edges - just lovely, Barb!



  14. What fun...your own retreat! I love that you are doing diff things on your retreat, but definitely next time...bring in some junk food. That stuff is just too healthy for quilters!

  15. You didn't invite me! :-(
    Bob the Builder will make a cute quilt. I have fabric that is almost identical. What's Bob's girlfriend's name? I think it's Wendy, but I am not sure. She helps build stuff too.

  16. You are one busy girl, my dear friend.
    Happy Quilting!

  17. Seems like you forgot to invite me too. I'll come to the next one, but I'll stay behind and keep Pat company when the rest of you go out hiking - isn't that kind of me?
    What is the PS about? I must have missed something, and I've tried to read back a bit but didn't see anything.

  18. Yummy snacks. All sounds like fun. Love your shop hop...but a shame the one store was closed.



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