Friday, July 9, 2010


I did not accept my mission of binding those quilts....I am a baaaaaaaad girl.....instead I cut jelly rolls out of my island fabrics......

I have one roll that has alot of pinks.

Then three rolls with this combo

and one roll that varies alittle from this. will hear me whine...and yes...I would like some cheese.
This internet is driving me bonkers.....I am pulling the gray hairs out of my head.....
I can't download on my artfire store.....
I can't even load all my comments.....
So...if any of you are interested in the island jelly rolls, they will soon go in my store...just email me...and if biggie...just enjoy the island goodness.
Betsy (Fiesta) guessed first....and it is four irons. I brought two with me....they husband purchased one off island for only lasted a few months...well maybe 6. Then this black one....dead as a wedge.... So now I have a new one and I am going to call her "STEAMY"....she puts off alot of steam and I love to iron and steam my fabrics.
I steamed 20 yards of fabric today for these jelly rolls....and my Go cutter was oh so wonderful....
wonder if it can cut cheese?
Rumi and Betsy, your little package will be in the mail Saturday, hopefully, it will go out on Sunday's plane....... I like these guessing games alot better than there will be more....need to get rid of some stuff (so my husband says.....
and when do I mind him)?????


  1. Love your jelly rolls. Wish I could cut my stash as easily... I do iron and stack up to 4 or 5 layers at a time when I have the strength to push through that many - other wise 2 or 3. And of course it all depends on whether the rotary blade is new or not... better start shipping stuff home or hubby may make you get rid of it!

  2. oh Barb sewing with one of these bundles of goodies would be so much fun
    way out of my normal fabric choices but they are just beautiful for a summer quilt

  3. GREAT idea to make jelly rolls of those fabrics but keep some for yourself as you won't be there and have access to that fabric much longer.

  4. Those Jelly Rolls are lovely Barb! I think I like the last two best. But I wouldn't have put the pink in there! LOL

  5. love the island fabrics much of that fabric will you be taking with you, or have you con a friend into sending you some every now and then?

  6. Oh yea for me! Doing a happy dance in my pjs!

  7. I love your jelly rolls, and I want one!

  8. I think it is amazing how you can cut perfect jelly rolls with the GO. They look gorgeous!!!!

    Now it is time to get to work on those bindings! LOL!

  9. Congratulations to Betsy! I think I've had as many irons as you, Barb!
    And I'm off to e-mail you about those jelly yummy!



  10. I woud love a jelly roll of those fabrics. How much?

  11. hee hee hee, so true! I think we are all the same when it comes to what our husbands think of our STUFF! Your jelly rolls are just delicious! How clever of you!


  12. I like guessing games too!

    Love your tropical rolls. You need to come up with a unique name (e.g. Bali Pops). I think you have a new nitch and they will be very popular! Once I get my sewing room clean I want some of your tropical rolls. Yummy.

    And I'm happy you have a new Steamy in your life! I hope he has a very long life.


  13. OOPs! The front rows did look like binding...but the back looked like it had die holes in it- I think I have the GO on the brain! Almost finished cutting my chisels- my son is coming home in 1 1/2 days YAY so I'll be away from the computer pretty much. Sorry you're having trouble- all those irons,is the electricity different there or something? Do you use converters with your appliances? Just wondering. Your jelly rolls will make a very festive quilt ;) Sandy in MD

  14. Oooohhhh! I love those jelly rolls! Once your internet behaves how much will you be selling these for?

  15. reading your blog is a hoot... hang in there life will "iron" itself out.

  16. Holey Schamokin....that is a lot of cutting going on there. Good thing you have the GO cutter.


  17. Why did I not know you had a store? I saw lots of pretty stuff there.

  18. Ok, email me....I want one.. I want the one with the pinks in it. I've never done batiks, but I love Jelly rolls.

  19. I'am curious as to why you go through so many irons? Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!


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