Saturday, October 3, 2009


I keep saying flat rate boxes and not to pay for priority but I went and looked on my flat rate boxes and it has Priority Mail at the top of the box and then either Large or Small flat rate oon the box in the middle. That is the perfect way to send. Sorry pat....but do not pay to have anything shipped here faster, no extra money because it does not make a difference....they all get here when they get here...but theses boxes tend to get here (usually, there are the exceptions) within a week....

Thanks again, sorry for the mix up...just didn't want any of you to put out extra money for speed (not the kind your ingest...he!!)



Pat said...

By the time we get done here, people will be calling you the "pillowcase" lady...although I did add the blanket thing to the emails I sent to people after you told me about them being needed last night.

SewCalGal said...

I understood on the flat rate boxes. Yes, they are priority but they do offer the best value of shipping (when you are crafty about "packing" these boxes).

But there is a priority express that is quite a bit more expense to ship, so priority "flat rate" is the best deal.


sewmeow said...

I planned on using Priority Flat rate box anyway, so no need to apologize. Mine will go out to you tomorrow too!

I posted again on my blog about this, and also on the Sewing News blog today.

Yes....take of yourself when helping others.

Stephanie (A Ditchin' Time Quilts) said...

I enjoyed reading your posts. Very interesting and you sound like a wonderful person. Thanks, I will follow you now. Stephanie