Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today I was amazed that I was able to answer a few emails, then it hit me, maybe I can post some pictures for all of you to see and so I left answering emails to post but....3 hours later...nothing.....

I wish that I could meet each of you personally, your prayers, thoughts, williness to help have totally warmed my heart and I don't think words will ever express my gratitude to all of you. I want to answer each of you and I will, it may take me a while but I will.

Not to beat a dead horse but please don't send priority, there is no such thing here, will just be a waste of your money. Those flat rate envelopes and boxes work perfect.

So.....we go to clean today. Talking to one lady from the village. She is afraid, she wants to leave the island. She did not see the water coming but she saw the rocks, wood and debris being held up in the air and she knew what it was, she grabbed her little girl and ran. She was lucky she saw it quick enough. Her house is one mud pit. She is not the only one that wants to leave. If you even mention earthquakee, people run.

Alot of people are just waiting for Fema to come and appraise their damage. Some are not waiting, the stench is so bad and it is so unhealthy that they refuse to wait. I was there, it does stink, it is gross. Dead fish, slime, your head starts hurting. Can't get enough water.

It amazes me, the kids and youth can make fun out of anything. So they are working and goofing at the same goofing is just taking a break, I have realized someting today, I am not able to run with the big dogs anymore. I had to come home and take a nap before I could continue on. I am laughing at myself...but hey, it is what it is.

It is amazing how fast the clean up is going. I am thinking in a month most things will beb back to normal. Fema will set up tents for people who don't have homes and they can rebuild. As soon as I can post pictures, I will...infact I will just post and leave it on tonight before I go to bed and hope that it will work?

Thanks again to all of you. Pat, you are awesome for taking on the challenge of answering my comments. My sister has even offered to mail my address but remember send it to my husband....not me.


  1. Barb....I feel that the little I can do to help (doing "secretarial duty" for you....LOL) is just a tiny drop in the bucket. I have made sure to put your hubby's name on the mailing info I'm sending out. MY post office said if I didn't send priority, the packages that are NOT priority may sit unsent for to expedite things, I chose to send it priority (but via a flat-rate box). The extra few dollars for postage won't hurt me, but it may make a difference in how fast some little girl there gets some new clothes to wear. Take care of yourself amidst all this, okay? It will be physically AND emotionally demanding and we don't want you to get sick because of all this.

  2. My prayers continue to go up for all of those who have been hit by this. It's good to know that clean up is progressing rapidly.


  3. Oh Barb, I feel so bad for y'all. I Know you are working hard and hey, a nap is not a bad thing. ;) Please let me know how I can help too~ I do have a few pillowcases already made up, but will need your address also.

  4. Barb, one dozen pillow cases in the mail tomrrow. I hope it will help a littler. Please take care of yourself.

  5. My thougths and prayers continue to be with you and the people in your area.

  6. I have been looking at pix online, how horrible. I have also looked that the pictures in Indonesia where whole villages were wiped away in mudslides. It is so hard to imagine that kind of devastation.

  7. Barb, I am so glad to hear that you are okay! I am not much of a news watcher, so I didn't realize this had even happened until yesterday. I am so sorry for the loss of life. Are you sure pillowcases is the only need? What about clothes or monetary gifts? Could I send some money for food? Let me know as soon as you can.
    My prayers go out for all of you. ((((HUGS))))

  8. Hi Barb...not only can I not run with the big dogs, I can't think like them anymore either. I am still trying to read through the blogs to see what I'm supposed to send...what do you need there? I'm happy to make a quilt, or buy one, which is faster, or send whatever, just let me know, and the address...I see that you've said there's an address somewhere, but I can't seem to find it...I get confused easily.LOL!...well, not really funny, but like you said, it is what it is. Just let me know...either leave a comment on my blog or send an email.

    God bless you!

  9. Hi girlfriend. My thoughts and prayers are still with you and all of the people of Somoa. You are such a wonderful person, giving so much. I wish I could help out, but I´m having too much fun right now. I do have plans, though. . .
    Hasta Luego

  10. I could not sleep tonight and stumbled across your blog. I am saddened by what you are all going through. I would like to help too. Can you send me the address to mail things to?
    Thank you very much.
    You are all in my prayers.

  11. You and your family are daily still in my prayers! I wish I could help ou too. But I am sending you lots of love and hugs!


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