Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This is a Posie quilt, it was machine pieced and I sent it out to be machine quilted. We were so worried that it was lost in the mail but it finally came in. As you can see, I should have moved the shoes and kick ball....but it takes forever to get these posted so please excuse the mess. Maybe like most of you, it is hard to show the quilts. I really need some way to hang them but I guess this will do for now. I would guess this would look best on a full size bed.

This here is a queen size quilt, it was also sent out to be machine quilted. I hope you enjoy them. They are up for sale if you are interested email me at
www.fivesons4barb@yahoo.com Or leave a message or just let me know what you think...love the comments. They both need bindings, just to excited to post them.


Bliss said...


Glad you found our Quilt Sisters blog!! And thanks for sharing yours.... I love seeing what others have done. Happy new year!

Quilts And Pieces said...

I love the queen size quilt. This is a great pattern!

Maxwells said...

I love that 2nd one!