Friday, November 5, 2010


You wanted to hear an Echo???? But today it is Eco-friendly.....why you ask? (I guess the play on words didn't go over very well)...hummmm

Because this beautiful island of Amerika Samoa is not treated like it should. People just throw their trash everywhere. In the waterways, in the ocean, just everywhere.

The ocean spits the trash back out onto the beach.....natures way of cleaning itself.

Alot of us have made eco-friendly grocery bags.

Here is a free pattern site, if you are interested.

If you don't feel like making any, here is a site you can purchase some.

There are so many ways we can change the face of this earth, for the better or for the detrament.... husband has heard me on this soap box before and he just rolls those baby blues when I get on a tangent...but it just makes me so mad to see trash along the beaches....something that is suppose to be beautiful and fun...

Maybe for Christmas think along the lines of echo friendly and purchase items that fit the bill. The same site that has the echo friendly bags has wooden toys and gifts...

Tonya over at Tonya's sewing room is making those capri sun bags. These bags are so adorable and are soooo eco-friendly. I just went to her blog, it is awesome what she is doing with wrappers...just awesome.

Well on a less preachy note: The winner of the little quilt giveaway is Linda from Living 4 Quilting (and sometimes tatting and knitting too)


  1. I wish more markets would reward people who bring their own bags to help encourage using them. We have one here that deducts .05cents for every bag. Another gives you a ticket to join a monthly raffle for a box of goodies.

  2. Yup, here is an echo....keep our mother clean! That scenery is too beautiful (but we have lovely scenes here too, as you will see)... good idea for Christmas gifts- those bags, I see them more and more in the grocery now.
    congrats to Linda! fondly, Sandy

  3. Thanks for the reminder Barb. So many people have a "use it and toss it" mentality.
    I love finding a second (and third ...) use for things.

    Tonya is so clever with reusing what many of us would just toss. Yaay for Tonya too!

  4. Great subject and blog post. I surely get sick of seeing the trash in our communities and the streets. It's not just an "island" problem, it's a USA National problem, and we all need to do our part to clean it up.

  5. A very good lecture, my dear, and a reminder to me to use all those shopping bags I made and keep in my car but always forget to take in the store. My intentions are good, but I have trouble following through. At least I would never, never, throw my candy wrapper on the ground.

  6. I hear ya and I so agree! I get so mad every time I see someone throwing trash out of their car window, or just down on the ground when there is a trash can a few feet away. I have actually gone over and picked up a piece of trash that someone has thrown on the ground and handed it back to them, saying "You dropped this; if you want to throw it away, the trash can is right there" and pointed them to it! Littering our planet is one of my big pet peeves!

    Keep on it, girlfriend!



  7. Boy, I am right there with you!! I just can't believe that they would trash the beach, such a beautiful place! Amazing!

  8. I remember visiting Morrocco and seeing a sea of plastic bags clinging to everything. It looked positively disgusting. I remember thinking that they should come up with a clever thing to do with the bags so they would be in demand and not discarded.

  9. I cant understand it either how people can just throw away thier rubbish and maybe very steep fines might help in stopping them. What I would love to do is collect a heap of the rubbish and then follow those offenders home and throw it all in to their yards..heehehe. I bet they would jump up and down about it then. Good idea with the bags and we have been using the Eco friendly bags here in Australia for some time now. Dont get off your soapbox Barb. hugs Vicki xx

  10. Makes my heart sad. :(
    I love to use the bags and always do.
    Thanks for reminding everyone Barb.
    xx, shell

  11. Tonya's bags are amazing. I love what she does with "trash".

    I have reusable grocery bags but I am forever forgetting them. I even keep them in the trunk but don't remember until I am at the register.

  12. Wish they would ban plastic bags.

  13. Seems it's the same the wholde world over. (Isn't that a line from a song?) Here the big supermarkets sell you a "bag for life" for about 20p(I think). It is a strong plastic, and when it tears you just take it back for a free replacement and they deduct about a penny from your bill for everyone of your own bags you use. Since these bags last for months and months, it's a good system. Now we just need manufacturers to cut down their packaging and make it more recycle-able .... oops, better get off my soap box .....

  14. G'mron Barb ~ I love that little lizard! It is a great idea for eco- but don't you think they go overboard ... our parents 'invented eco' before this genereation ever thought of it.

    Have a lovely PS ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  15. I agree with Quilt Sue, the manufaturers need to cut down on packaging sooooo wasteful!! Like the Lays potato chip people bragging on usin biodegradable bags for Sun Chips, why didn't they do this for all their chips? Someday I'll make my own bags but for now I just keep using the green ones :0)


  16. I keep bags in my car so when I go out I have them and take them in the store with me. I saw those wrappers on Tonya's blog. Pretty great way to recyle.
    Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving some very kind comments.

  17. I'm with you Barb! I hate to see garbage thrown everywhere. Paper take out coffee cups are the worst here and they can be thrown into our green bins (wet garbage that gets composted). Still people just throw everything by the side of the highway. We had a problem with plastic bags, so the city slapped a surcharge on bags at the grocery store. They cost 5 or 6 cents per bag. Or we can bring our own or buy reuseable bags for 99cents. But I question how good this is. The plastic bags do deteriorate over a period of time and they can be made out of biodegradable plastic. The reuseable bags will get dirty or fall apart long before that 99cents has been recovered and they will probably take forever to biodegrade. So I don't know what is better. I make my bags out of cottons so that they can be washed. But I am the only one who does that. No one else spends the whole day in their sewing room.

  18. everywhere seems to suffer from the trash problem, there are parts of our oceans that are made up almost entirely of plastic now.... It's always a good idea to use cloth grocery bag, such a simple idea, why doesn't everyone do it all the time?


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