Saturday, November 6, 2010


Before I get started I wanted to thank Nola, from "Just Ramblin" for these wonderful fabrics, if you have a chance go over and read her inspiring post today please do. She is an amazing woman. Thanks for your wonderful giveaway Nola!

Next my son from Japan went to the Philipines (keep trying to get him to buy me fabrics from Japan) but he brought home these fabrics.

This not a heavy cotton, it is very light but I just love the design on it.

Here is another fabric with a nice design.

Then he purchased these and well...they are not cotton but will make a great bag, I have purchased a bag pattern frm Geta's along time ago and can't wait to get back to the states to buy what I need to make one.

This next fabric is from a dear friend here in Samoa, it is called Eli...and I believe I have mentioned this form of fabric stamping before. this fabric really is more of a lime green than a washed out green...very beautiful fabric.

One thing I have noticed while traveling and I think my son has ran into the same problem. when you ask someone a question and they can't understand you...the answer will most likely be YES.... So when he went to the fabric shop in the Philpines and asked for all cotton fabric (he not knowing cotton from satin), they not knowing what he was saying and if he asked if this fabric was all cotton they probably said YES. I have run into that here and at the Internationl Market place in Hawaii. If I ask, is this all cotton fabric, the answer will be YES....and usually the answer is NO. I have found one gal downtown that knows her fabrics....and she can take me to the cottons without me having to feel every bolt in the store. Sometimes you will find me behind the counter feeling fabrics. I ask permission first...but I get the most strange looks.


Gene Black said...

Ha ha.... I am a "feeler" too. I ask first but I like to feel of clothing. LOL.
My name is Gene and I AM a fabriholic.

SheilaC said...

How lucky to get fabrics from such exotic places!! Hope you will be able to use it even if it is not 100% cotton.

Very pretty!


JustCindy said...

The fabrics are beautiful. Your son does a good job of picking out fabric.

Karen said...

I am always asking for people to bring me fabric from other places too, sometimes I get some, most times I don't. I did get some beautiful fabric from South Africa from a friend who went there.

hetty said...

Lovely fabrics! How nice to get fabrics from all over the world.

DianeY said...

I didn't even know they sold fabric at the Internatl Market! Of course, I honestly don't remember when I was there last-probably 20 years! But I know exactly what you're talking about! I'm always tempted to ask "Are you clueless" because they'd probably say yes!
I especially like the fabric you showed in the 3rd piicture-nice design & colors

Just Ramblin' said...

Love your new fabrics. Your son made some great choices. So glad the give away fabrics got there. Thanks for sharing. Nola

wackywoman said...

One of the first things I quilted was a Christmas tree skirt. I wanted all white and gold fabric. So, I picked sll different kimds of fabrics in white and gold from Satins to cottons. I had no idea what I was doing. I still love that Christmas tree skirt.

QuiltSue said...

Your son may not know his cotton from his whatevers, but he has a great eye for the unusual.

Crispy said...

Well I guess it's the thought that counts at least he tried which is more than my son would ever do LOL. At least the fabrics are really pretty :0)


orchidlover said...

Gorgeous fabrics. The ones your son bought would make a great stack and whack type of quilt

Love and hugs Gina xxx

kpaints said...

I love it that your son would even step foot in any fabric shop!
Love the variety of fabrics from all over!

Suzanne said...

The purple fabric is gorgeous!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Here in Florida we have alot of Spanish speaking people who do not understand English very well. Everything you ask them they will answer "Yes". It can be very difficult.

Your Son did pick out some beautiful fabrics though. I'm sure you will find a way to use them.

I am a fabric feeler also. I pet fabric, yarn and fondle beads. I love to run my hands through a box of buttons. I do get some strange looks but I don't care.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh I need to feel fabric too! Such great fabrics!

quiltmom said...

I love the beautiful colors of the fabrics from the Phillipines- such rich colors and lovely designs.
Your son made some wonderful choices for you.
Thanks for sharing your very pretty fabrics.
Hope all is going well in your travels towards the States,

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Those are lovely fabrics. I am sure that you will have fun using all of them.

BTW-we all love to feel the fabrics!

Thanks for sharing,