Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Sometimes in life we tend to take on more than we feel we can handle, or at least sometimes I feel that way.

As I was chatting with a friend, I was saying that I wanted to sew but didn't know what to work on, was too overwhelmed with what all I am doing.  So I listed to him what I had and by the time I was done I was able to see clearly what I needed to work on.

Here is my list.

1.  I am working on the "Fancy Forest" by Elizabeth Hartman, "Flea Market" fabric by Island Batik

He kinda looks like he is going to fall out of his tree or had too much to drink last night.  I need to make his twin.

2.  I need to finish my Cancer Ribbon Quilt that is for Charity, all I need to do is quilt it, due April.

3.  Need to put the binding on my April Challenge for Island Batik.  Simple...just do it!!

4.  Need to finish quilting my May Challenge for Island Batik

5.  My sister and I are working on a project together, when I got back from a little trip the fabric was in my sewing room waiting for me.

6.  I volunteered to join in a blog hop in May

Christmas Rapping Quilt Book by Eye of The Beholder

by Purrfect Spots

I spent Monday getting the pattern enlarged that I needed.

7.  I am doing a block of the month with my sisters, nieces, and daughter in law...etc.  Now mind you this a block a month.  Well....I started the first block and got hooked.  "Winter Wonderland", I purchased what I thought was a book but it came pdf.  Using Island Batik scraps

The first block is due this month....

Last but not least #8 - I have a pattern that will be in the Fall Market Catalog for Island Batik, so the fabric will be coming any day now.

Trying to get as much as I can out of the way so I can devote time to that.


My husband and I keep our little grandson after he gets out of daycare in the mornings and sometimes all day if he is sick.  I usually cut patterns out while he is napping.  Then don't get back to sewing until that evening.

So there you have it, if you look and see, some of those items won't take long.  Some of those Items I want to do and forget the rest.  But...if you have a mind set like I do, you think of all of the things you have to do and can't get past that you just need to do one at a time not all at once.

That being said, after I wrote it all down, it came clear as day what I should work on first.  You are probably thinking, get all the small things out of the way....NOPE

This won out.  I purchased this book for myself and sent one to my sister.  We have chosen a pattern out of this book.

Using these beautiful fabrics from Inchworm fabrics.  I started work on it yesterday.

My plan is to get this quilt top done and then work on the small things.  It helps to have a plan.

Now I have just posted a long post....sorry, I try to keep them short.


QuiltShopGal said...

Glad to hear you are back home & safe after your big road trip. You do have quite a few projects to focus on in the near future.Wish I was closer as I'd come help. But, I'm confident you will get it all done. Pace yourself.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Don't worry about a long post - to me, they tend to be more interesting than short ones. I agree with the one thing at a time - people think they can "multi-task" (me included) - but they really work on one thing at a time - switching constantly between several things. "Variety" is nice - but "focus" is better - now if I could only "practice" what I "preach" - LOL - ;))

Jennifer Gail said...

Barb dont worry be happy!!! I love blue owls

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Such a cute Owl!

Gene Black said...

I have my April quilt to bind also. I should use a "new to me" technique on it so I can get the look I want. But I may decide to do it the "easy way." The indecision is slowing me down.

Jackie's Stitches said...

I always find making a list, whether written or verbal, very helpful. Focusing on one thing at a time is a good idea too and not getting caught up in everything at once. It's supposed to be fun, right?!

JJ said...

I like all your projects and will eventual get mine done and thanks for ratting me out on the scraps. HAHA