Friday, January 11, 2019


First of all I want to say that most quilts are made by a lot of time and effort.

If someone gives you a quilt for your wedding, birthday, Christmas, or a just because, YOU ARE SPECIAL TO THEM.  It was made with you in mind and a whole lot of love.  While that person is making the quilt, the whole time they are thinking of you and the joy it will bring to you.

Of course, if you find one at a garage sale, thrift store, antique store, count your lucky stars.

            Found these squares at a thrift store, put it together and now just needs to be quilted.

My biggest concern is that my sons and their wives will not know the true value of the quilts that will remain when I have gone from this earth and either just sale them for CHEAP or throw them away, especially my unfinished items.

A friend died about 25 years ago and left this top unfinished (just one section was done).  I finally finished it for my son for Christmas.


Your quilt is meant to be used and loved.  Don't just store it away in the closet only to be brought out once a year or so.

Hang it on a rod or a quilt rack to showcase it.

The worst thing you can do is store in a plastic container, this will create moisture and your quilt will eventually rot ( of course, this is over an extended length of time).

Don't store folded under yourbed, for one bugs and two you have it crammed under there and probably won't take them out for a long time.

If you do have your quilts folded in the closet, take them out every six months or so and refold them a different way.  Sometimes we get permanent creases and that is not good.

When I sell or give a quilt, I tell the person to not pull strings, clip them. 
 If you have a quilt that you want to last a long time, wash in the washer in COLD water but don't dry in the dryer.  The dryer will dull the color over the continued use.
Use a color catcher in the washer for the first time.

I have some quilts that I wash and dry over and over because I at times have so much company that I refuse to use the same quilt unwashed for the next visitor.  

I do have some quilts I only take out on Holidays

Here is an example of just a few that I pull out and would hang in my sewing room
I would have to iron the creases out.

BUY my biggest advice to you, is to USE them.  They will do you no good when you are dead and gone (sorry, don't mean to sound so fatalistic).  Say you do have that one beautiful quilt and it is left to a child, maybe they will store it away to, who knows, or maybe they will not appreciate it like you did.  SOOOOOOO


Even if you take it out seasonally, or put on your bed for a short time, get the joy out of it that was intended for you.
Now if any of you have anymore suggestion, I am up for them...leave a comment and I will add it to this post.


Barbara said...

All good advice, I have nothing to add. Not to worry, you weren’t being “fatalistic” by referencing being gone from this earth, I’d call it being “realistic” instead. We are all on that journey. To that point, I wouldn’t worry about what our kids and wives or husbands do with them. C’est sera sera!

Jocelyn said...

Great advice Barb. I agree with you.

Sheryl said...

Hi Barb your friend would be very pleased that you finished the quilt and gave it to your son,its lovely.Boy you make the most beautiful quilts my friend and thankyou for sharing with us how to care for a quilt xx

QuiltShopGal said...

Great post for a topic that is rarely discussed. I agree, use them, love them, but take good care of them and they will love and comfort you back for many years, even for generations (if you take really good care).

works4me said...

Good post. I have a rod on the living room wall so, as soon as I walk in the front door, I see one of my quilts. These are rotated seasonally, and I have a second rod higher up for the long ones. I have a few other smaller rods around the house so I can rotate more quilts. I enjoy walking into a room and seeing my work.

Gene Black said...

I agree.. My whole reason for making the quilt is so that it will get used.

Needled Mom said...

Good post, Barb. We make them to be used and loved.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Very helpful and I agree, use your quilts! I tell everyone who I give one to, to use it and wear it out!

Jennifer Gail said...

You are amazing.