Friday, February 16, 2018


We were asked to make a mini quilt, no larger than 24" x 24".

I have been racking my brain all week.

I settled on something this morning but as usual my idea took a turn and this is what I came up with.

My husband gives me cards and flowers through the year just for no reason.  Well....he claims it is 
his love for me (smiling).  A lot of the times when I am away from him he will send flowers or have a 
sweet card and candy on the kitchen bar when I come home.
I thought how fun would it be to have somewhere to display the card instead of in the drawer, this way I can swap out the cards if I want to.

Used my wonderful Aurifil thread and Island Batik fabrics.

I decided on how large I wanted the heart and then I quilted a square about that size and then after it was quilted I just cut out the heart.

Now you are inside how my mind works.

I have this blank heart and a few I draped some red fabric across the middle...

didn't work for me.

So I drapped it to the side...and thought...hummmm a card would look nice in there.

Ran and got a card...oh yessss.

Hemmed the draped side....and figured I needed something on the other side to help the card stay in place.

you guessed it...cut out a strip, hemmed it...and I have the other side of my
heart in place.

See how cute this grandson is in here.

Then I thought....candy...I need somewhere to place some candy if I want to.



So I drew out the shape of the heart I wanted....then used my pinking shears to cut around them.

Here is another adorable grandson.

Sewed the little hearts on.

Then I made some hanging loops.

Since I already had the quilting done and wasn't sure if I wanted to do a binding....

I decided to just make another backing, sew 1/4" around the outside, leave an opening to pull 
through and the rest is history.

This will be hanging in my pink room.  You have heard about my pink room?

As a mother of five sons having a pink room was out of the question.  Now they are gone and guess who has a pink room....oh yessss you are looking at her.

Loving every minute of it.!!


Kathy E. said...

You deserve that pink room....especially after raising 5 boys! What a sweet heart you made to show off your precious cards and photos. Your hubby sounds like a sweet heart too! I'm looking forward to what you make with your Island Batiks!

QuiltShopGal said...

I love your heart wallhanging. Looks cute on its own, but also to hold cards, pictures, possibly even a special piece of jewelry. Very romantic.


PS - You have an absolutely perfect husband. What a sweetheart!

Pamela said...

What a cute, and useful, project! Love that you have a pink room now, I'll bet it makes you smile.

tubakk said...

Great idea, and your quilt will change all the time.

teachpany said...

I love this, and that you now have a pink room! Hugs!

Gene Black said...

It is fun to read "how you do it." I love getting a peek inside a designer's mind.

Tangos Treasures said...

That come out really cute!! Love that you can change the pictures, cards etc.!!

Kathleen said...

I love you mini love qulit. It really is perfect. I think you deserve a pink room - I grew up with 4 brothers and whatever femininity I could throw in I did. I am in a house of males now, too, son and husband and dog! I totally approve of the pink room!

Snoodles said...

Oh that's adorable! Love this project!

West Michigan Quilter said...

LOve your wall hanging/card holder. How cute! You are so creative. That grandson of yours looks like a real charmer.

KaHolly said...

You are SO clever!

works4me said...

What a great journey into how your very creative mind works. Thanks for taking us on it with you. The project turned out wonderfully.