Friday, March 24, 2017


Island Batik is sponsoring a "Furry Fridays" on specific Island Batik Ambassador's blogs for seven weeks. " Furry Fridays is to help the Petfinder Foundation adopt out cats and dogs in shelters across the U.S. This week Petfinder Foundation is highlighting two animals that are looking for their forever home." Each Friday for the next seven weeks, we will share pictures of shelter pets that need a home. Now they may not be in your area, however, if you are looking for a pet, you can go to the page, put in your area code plus what type of pet you want and you will find a listing of all the pets needing homes in or near your area. I have taken exerts from several blogs just so you know that I plagiarized begging their forgiveness.

I apologize for not posting last week bloggers:


This weeks bloggers are:


My daughter in law, Laura, has a rescue dog.  I remember when she first brought him around we had to pin him up in my husbands office building.  One time she let him loose and he totally destroyed my husband's monitor and keyboard.  Needless to say he was not a happy camper.  Then a few months later she brings him around again and he is so well behaved, shows you what a lot of love can do for a dog (or animal).

This month the Island Batik Ambassadors made pet quilts for the animal shelters in their area or like myself I sent mine out.  You can go here for more information.

So here are two pets this week that are looking for their forever home.

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Nine-week-old fluffball Tucker might not hear perfectly, and his head tilts to the side on occasion, but we think that only makes him cuter. This happy, cuddly guy is available at Wine Country Animal Lovers in Calistoga, CA.
At 25 lbs., there's lots to love about Penny -- literally! This sweet tabby girl has peacefully coexisted with both cats and dogs, and now she's waiting for her very own human diet buddy at Animal Haven in New York City.

Thank you Island Batik for sponsoring the Furry Fridays!!!

A big Shout out to The  Quilting Magazine for supplying the animals each week.



Gene Black said...

I hope many of these animals find good homes due to the efforts of the Island Batik bloggers.

KaHolly said...

Excellent post! My daughter has 4 rescue pets and they've made wonderful companions. XO

Needled Mom said...

The best dog we have ever had was a rescue dog. I think they are just so appreciative.