Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fidget Blankets or Sensory Blankets

Have any of you heard of fidget blankets?

I only heard about them today.

In case you have not, these blankets are for people with brain injuries, dementia, Alzheimer's, and Autism.

Memory Fidget Lap Blanket Dementia Alzheimer's Autism Stroke Patient Sensory Busy Elderly ADD


Dementia / Alzheimers activity mat/sensory activity/ therapy present for elderly

Alzheimer's Fidget Blanket Cowboy / Horses / Dogs  Alzheimer's / Dementia / Autism / Restless Fingers Sensory Blanket


Here are just a few of them with the link underneath.  You can certainly look it up on pinterest or etsy.  I didn't realize there were so many out there and to be honest.....didn't have the slightest clue as to what they are.

My mother was diagnosed with Dementia at the beginning of the year, although, I don't think she has progressed to this point yet.  I did noticed that when I took her to the Dr. today she was twiddling her thumbs for the hour drive there and back.

So a wonderful idea and a great idea to make and give to hospitals.


On another note....I got my embroidery machine back yesterday.  I did make a hand towel...to lazy to take a picture...busy day today...but I did walk out with both legs but had a slight hobble (didn't have to give an arm and a leg away when I went to pay for the repairs)


QuiltShopGal said...

I've not yet made a fidget blanket, but have been wanting to for some time. I've heard good feedback from caregivers of people that have benefited. Interesting when you think of it, that we are all so much more content when our hands are busy doing something.

Glad you got your ME machine back and didn't lose an arm or leg. Happy stitching.


Needled Mom said...

Glad you were able to walk out!! ;-) Machines are always so expensive for repairs.

The fidget blankets are such a great idea. I have seen them when my mom was in rehab. Those are super cute.

Gene Black said...

Those are a great idea even for nursing homes with patients needing something to "fiddle" with.

Glad you got your machine back without losing any limbs.

Debbie said...

These are fun to make. Our guild same some several years ago, using items we found in our sewing rooms....beads, zippers, button etc. I used a lot of different trims on mine. What is nice is that the size does not have to be large. Look for items that might mean something to your Mom.

Barbara said...

I hadn't heard of Fidget Blankets either, Barb. Your story about your Mother twiddling her thumbs made me think of my Dad. He has been gone now for 3 years, and he twiddled his thumbs all of his adult life. He had many physical and mental issues when he passed, but he lived to be 96!

Ruth said...

Michelle Bilyeu at with-heart-and-hands.com has made quite a few of these fidget quilts.

KaHolly said...

They are wonderful. I've seen some clever beauties, some without beads and bangles that can come off and be harmful. Glad you got your machine back! XO