Monday, October 3, 2016


Now when I show you this, please be kind.

This is one of the first quilts I ever made.

It was a tie quilt.

The border was just the backing flipped over and turned under. 

That being said.

When this quilt came to me it was a mess....I put it away





Fix this quilt.

One day tuned into 25 years.

Here you see that the binding has come undone at the top and bottom.

                                       The stitching came undone in some of the squares.
                                        This was a very loved quilt.


                                                Just another picture of the binding.

So I was just going to take the binding apart and put a new one on.

I was going to fix the seams

Take out all of the yarn for the ties.

And....just meander it.

Sounds Simple????


   I started taking it apart so I could get to the seams and this is what I saw....

Oh my gosh............What was I thinking.  I made clothes for my school...I knew that you had to have all squares equal?

                                                            So what was I thinking?

                                                     I am so embarrassed.
                                        This is what I saw on the inside.....shame of shame.

I have no excuse (I am red with shame)

So....I took it all apart...literally.....seam by seam

Cut the squares down.

Sewed them back

Quilted it.

and this is what I got.

The batting was high loft....I hate quilting high loft but thought since the years of
washing and abuse that it would be okay.

It was not but I got started and just kept going.

My baby is having a baby....YEP...our third grandbaby...

Do I get a WHOOP!!!

That is why I wanted to fix this quilt for my son to give to his baby.

Turned into a redo.

and I also quilted this panel for them.

  I made the same panel for my third son's baby.  I just love this panel.

When my son's wife  decides on colors for her baby room I will make a real nice quilt but for now....

                                                          .let the fun begin!!!


Barbara said...

This makes me smile in recognition of my first quilt with tha same backing-border! Nice re-do!

QuiltShopGal said...

Refurbishing is a lot of work, but what a treasure to save for future generations.

3rd Grandbaby? Wonderful news. Congratulations.


Betsy said...

Congratulations Barb! I love the redo on the quilt.

Gene Black said...

Wow.... I have thought about getting my first quilt back and actually quilting it. (it was tied) But seeing this, it may be better if I never see it again.

swooze said...

How sweet. Good for you. I do the same crazy thing when I fix quilts

Joanna said...

That is so sweet. I love it when generations share the same things. You did a nice re-do.

Wacky Woman said...

What a perfectly wonderful gift for your new grandbaby. I love that it is a redo. I love reworking old quilts.

KaHolly said...

Your first quilt? And so well loved! You've come a long way, baby! XO