Saturday, July 9, 2016


That is a no brainer!!


Blanket Stitch!

Yep.....when these hazel eyes just can't take a wink......

I put my sewing machine to work!

I am working on my Island Batik Challenge for the month.  Christmas in July.

Holiday Happenings Collection by Island Batik

Here is what I have so far on my personal challenge for the month.

I am working in groups of eight.

Each square will be eight by eight which will give me 64 two and a half squares.

I never said Math was my strong fact never take my word for anything when it comes to math.

So far I decided that I need 4 of these 8 x 8 do the math.

I am now sewing the  8 x 8 squares together.  I need four for each side and then the end caps.

Okay, my brain is smoking right now...enough of that.

I was asked to cover some pillows...just a simple cover....

I had to quilt them (couldn't just put two pieces of fabric together like she wanted).  Then I made it so the back opens up and she can wash the pillows.  

I have also done ten fabric microwave picture....too lazy to go over there and take a picture.

Have a fabulous week-end!


Dayna said...

what GO template did you use for the bell?

Gene Black said...

I have always found that when I can't sleep a little productivity i a good thing.

Barbara said...

Not too lazy to take a picture, silly, just exhausted! I don't know how you do that, I mean get up in the middle of the night when sleep is elusive and become productive. I would never get back to sleep! Loving the thought of Christmas in July in this HOT summer. Your bells with gold bow are beautiful!

Kathy E. said...

Well, Barb, you have been a busy girl! It's been a while since my hazel eyes have wandered into the sewing room in the middle of the night, but maybe I will next time. I'm worried that my machine noises will wake my husband. But then his snoring often wakes me, so I guess that evens things out, right?

Wacky Woman said...

Good for you Barb. Might as well accomplish something when these things happen. Me, I turn on the TV

KaHolly said...

I hate it when that happens, but I don't get up! I just plug into an audio book and listen until I eventually fall back to sleep. But look at all you accomplished! XO