Thursday, May 12, 2016


It is dew berry picking time but I did find time to make this adult bib.

My cousin asked if I could make some.  

I said of course....

I just had to find a pattern...and I did.

What an easy pattern and great directions.  Thanks Michele!!!

Next on my list was a Walker Caddy for my mother

For some reason she thinks she can carry her soda (big gulp) mind you where ever she goes with her walker.  Which....yes, you guessed it....the soda lands all over the floor.  


.Now she has pockets to put her big gulp in.  Needless to say she is thrilled and so are my floors (my sister's floor).

I got the pattern from Maui Rainbow

Once again great instructions but I didn't follow them...just wanted the measurements.

  I put a button on each side of the walker caddy and sewed a hair bob on the other side and brought it around the button.  Works great for keeping the walker caddy in place.  I know, mine is not as pretty with all of the ribbons and bows but hey..

.call me lazy.

 All I can say is it works and she is happy.

Now I want to mention this awesome thread from Superior Threads.  It is called Fantastico

I am using this thread on a project for the Island Batik Fall Catalog (which I can not show you).

This thread is AAAAA mazzzzzing.  I love these threads, smooth as silk for my blanket stitching, doesn't break or fray.  Had a great time using this thread.  Truly is Superior!!!!  

Nope..didn't get paid to say that.....


Gene Black said...

Great job and thanks for sharing the links to the patterns. I made a walker bag once, but I had no pattern - I just made it up. But she professed that she loved it.

Wacky Woman said...

Great projects. Great quilt guild boutique items! I may be borrowing! Have a great day!

Needled Mom said...

Your mom will love that walker caddy. It's better than a purse. My aunt used to make the adult bibs for the local nursing home. They are so useful.

Thanks for the thread recommendation. I haven't tried it yet.

Annie said...

It's terribly sad that we need these at all, but since we do/will, making them great looking is terrific! Barb, your adult necessities look great. Your Mom will really enjoy and get a lot more use of that walker tote than just toting her big gulp. LoL. If she were in an assisted living, you'd be getting tons of orders to make those!

QuiltShopGal said...

Great projects. I think your Mom's caddy is absolutely perfect for her. Love the sewing theme fabric. How nice that you designed it to hold her big gulp too! I've never used Fantastic threads, but I'll give them a try. Thanks for the tip!


Snoodles said...

Wonderful, useful items! I bet they'll be used and loved. Good to hear about some good threads. I swore off cheap thread long ago; it just isn't worth it! LOL