Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Some of you know that my cousin and I have started a non profit.  

This is our mission

Heaven Sent, Corp's mission is to assist grief recovery by providing Pitter Patter swaddling and keepsake blankets through our Pitter Patter Funeral Home Partnering Program, to bereft mothers who have suffered natural pre-term or infant loss under the age of one year, promoting grief healing and recovery by creating a bond for the surviving mother to her lost child, offering tangible proof that the baby was real and existed, delivering comfort and security that the baby was a precious addition and significant loss to the surviving family, and solidifying the birth space the baby occupies within the family structure, guaranteeing that the baby will never be forgotten.

My friend Karen Ross embroidered and sent 70 of these centers to me, what is life without good friends?  She has now offered to make more....she certainly is our little embroidery angel.

Here is the newer version of the little quilt which makes up faster than the original version on the Pitter Patter site.

If you would like to join us in our efforts to bring comfort to mothers across the country, please contact me.  These are simple to make and fun. 

If you would love to but can not help, that is okay, we certainly could use fabric, threads, or batting.  I will have to say for now my batting scraps are excellent for making these

We really could use someone in the Texarkanna area or Huston area to oversee and build their own chapter.  You will not have to worry about finding funeral homes, that is what Tracy is for, all you need to do is keep up with the needs of the funeral home.

Thanks for coming by!


Gene Black said...

Barb, please send me more info on these.

~Laurie~ said...

I'd like to help with sewing - what can I do?

Barbara said...

A worthy cause, wishing you much success.

Marie said...

Barb, this is the most wonderful thing to do. Please send me directions, sizes for quits etc, I need to useful and this tugs at my heart so much!. hugs, Marie

Susan said...

I'd also be willing to help if there is something that I can do from Pennsylvania.

Barb said...

go to www.pitterpatterbabiesmatter.org Thanks so much for your interest, please email me if you are still interested. fivesons4barb@hotmail.com

Barb said...

email me at fivesons4barb@hotmail.com you can go to www.pitterpatterbabiesmatter.org for more information.

KaHolly said...

Wow! You are so special!

Maryann said...

I'd like more information on what I might be able to do to help! I have done a little bit of quilting, trying to learn more.