Thursday, January 21, 2016


Since this little buggar has been born my life has been turned upside down but in a good way.
He spends a lot of time here at my house to help his parents out because as I have probably mentioned before, he is a very time consuming baby.

I was afraid that I would not want to tend him much because of my quilting and projects but for some reason everything goes to the side and we make up the time lost later.

That is one joy, the next is Island Batik Fabrics.

February 15th there will be another blog hop, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

What a fun hop.  I have to tell you that these fabrics are so amazing when you want to create a landscape and shading.  So do come by.

I want to give one person a fat quarter of my coveted Island Batik fabric.  All you have to do is tell me where you think I will be going for February's blog hop?  That is it.  Maybe I will give you a sneak peak?

Then...for two weeks I have done nothing but cut, iron, and square up 416 of these half squares.  

I can't show you the finished results but trust me it is one wonderful quilt even if I say so myself.

Now on to other projects.  I am so excited to have this one project done above and pattern on the way to being completed.  I have a few things I have to get done for others and then it will be my time to play for myself.

Life is good...


Jelly roll giveaway at Inchworm Fabrics


  1. Are you going on a cruise? The baby is adorable. I'm so envious!

  2. Love the Babe!!
    Are you going to Hawaii? Love those colors!!

  3. Maybe Samoa! You sound so happy Barb, wonderful! Adorable little "inchworm" too! ;)

  4. I think you will be going back to be an Island Girl on American Samoa.
    I haven't mentioned it before - but i think you named that baby after me. Haha He is a real cutie.

  5. What a precious distraction. Maybe you're going to Florida.

  6. Spending time with the little ones is much more important than anything else you could be doing. looks like there is water involved. My guess will be Samoa.

  7. Bali Hi, (I'm sure it's not spelt like that). I just love the song, from South Pacific. What a gorgeous young man you have found to distract yourself with. Time flies, they are babies for such a short time, make the most of it.

  8. Ah, baby love! What could be better. I think you must be going somewhere definitely escape Winter for just a little bit. Batiks are my favorite fabrics to work with and I'm on pins and needles to see what you've created with them!

  9. Dang my comment just disappeared before I could publish it. Those silly computer mice.

    Where ever you go, I don't think it will be too long nor too far, as you'd miss sweet baby Gene too much. Still, I'd love to see you go back to visit America Samoa or a trip to Hawaii.


    PS - Please don't pick me for your giveaway. While I'm sure the batiks are yummy, I'm just popping by this morning to say hi

  10. My guess would also be Samoa. I think it is more important to spend as much time with your grandson as you can. All of the other things can wait. :-). Enjoy his company while you can.

  11. Maybe you are going to visit family in another country. We are visiting our granddaughter in Germany this summer-can't wait.

  12. It's a quilt cruise!! Wouldn't that be fun. Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy the little one!

    1. Oh boy it would!! Thanks for coming by.

  13. I'm guessing Hawaii, my daughter is there right now!!!

  14. What a gorgeous little baby. I reckon you'll be hopping to American Samoa, if you can put the baby down for long enough!

  15. He's adorable! My quilting would definitely go on the back burner to play with him!

  16. Wow! What a cutie! No wonder you forget about quilting when he is around! I sure don't know where you will go, but I will guess Chicago!

  17. No need to enter me in the giveaway! Just wanted to drop a line and say how cute the baby is. I can see why you are pushing everything else to the side!

  18. From the looks of your cutting table, I would guess you are going somewhere beachy, for sure! Little Gene is adorable-what a sweetie!

  19. Hey Barb, you're latest post isn't showing up, it says it doesn't exist, you may want to check it out unless you're editing.

  20. Love the colors of the IB fabrics!!!!


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