Sunday, October 18, 2015

BUT BABY IT IS GETTING COLD OUTSIDE - Free Patterns and Pumpkin Tutorial

My post has nothing to do with what I am showing you except for the fact my husband turned the heater on for the first time this morning.  

I noticed when I got up that it was cold, had to run to the bathroom and then back under the covers.  I don't mind the cold like I use to.

I also noticed all of the Halloween decorations as I was reading blogs this morning so decided to show you some of mine!

I just love this candle mat.

If you have a go cutter or not these are really easy to make.  You fold your paper in half and then in fourths and then place the paper with the folded side up (no raw edges) side towards the stem making sure that you have some of the pumpkin showing like this.  

Or if you don't have an Accuquilt Go Fall Medley die you can just draw a pumpkin on your folded paper remembering to leave part of your side pumpkin off.

                                                                 Here it is cut.

                                                        Here is what it will look like

You can use a fusible before you cut always following the directions or you can glue this on afterwards.  The Lapel stick are fabulous for this.  Sometimes when you glue you might get a little pucker but most times you can smooth it out with your finger.

Then you place it on a 9 1/2" to 10" square, you can blanket stitch or straight stitch around the pumpkins (you can do this before you sandwich your candle mat or after).  I always choose to do this after, it just makes it so much faster to blanket stitch it through all of the layers and then you are finished no added quilting needed.

Bind and quilt as desired.



So here is a fun Topper I made last year.  You can find the pattern here:

Nothing makes me want to bake more than cold weather so here is a free pattern and you can find it here

Here is another free pattern:

Hope you enjoyed the patterns and tutorial...have an amazing day!


Jackie's Stitches said...

I can't believe it's that cold in Texas already! Today, we have the windows opened during the day for pretty much the first time this season. Stay warm!

QuiltShopGal said...

Beautiful Fall table toppers and wall hangings all filled with #CreativeGoodness. Thanks for the great tips and tutorial. I definitely want to give your folded fabric technique a try.


Needled Mom said...

You have such great fall decor. Those pumpkins are terrific and I love the scarecrow!

Winter is surely in its way.

Gene Black said...

We had a cold snap "turn on the heat" weekend too. There was frost involved.

beaquilter said...

Clever idea about the folded paper. I refuse to turn the heater on! though we've had the gas fireplace going the last two mornings....

Grammasheri said...

Delightful post! I have that Accuquilt die but never used it this way. What a neat idea! Thank you! I enjoyed the other patterns also.

Susan said...

What a great idea! I would have never thought to use my Go! cutter like that! Thanks for the tip!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Really cute scare crow!

KaHolly said...

Cute projects! N.Tx can get pretty chilly! And then the next day.......back to warm!

Unknown said...

Such cute fall designs! It is starting to get cool here especially at night. I have had the heat on for the last two weeks. It gets up to the low 60's in the daytime.

Snoodles said...

I'm with you....I wait for him to get up and turn the heat up, then I creep out from under the quilts! Haha! Love your pumpkin your microwave bowl holders on my to-do list!

Millie said...

Thanks Barb, its time for me to play with my go cutter again.

Sharon - IN said...

You have so many cute patterns on Craftsy! I just bought your Round Valentine Topper!