Wednesday, August 26, 2015


What wonderful answers to "WHAT THIS IS"

I have never in my whole life seen this in a machine.  I always thought it was a fuzz in my machine and have tried for a long time to get it out.

Friday night I was having trouble with my machine thread and figured this fuzz was the reason.
Turned off my machine 



Tried different methods.

Almost screamed

Then out it came....AHHHHH


why was my heart beating like I did something wrong?

I emailed a few people and they had no clue

So the next morning I called a Pfaff dealership.

All I can say is OOOOPPPPPSSS

and are you kidding me...that is suppose to be in my machine???


Well...I ain't neber!!!!

She said to bring it in to her and she would put it back in....that I should not be operating the machine without it.

WHAT!!!!  She is over an hour away.

I don't know how much she was going to charge me but...she wanted 119.00 to 150.00 to clean the machine and she could not guarantee when I could get it back.

Me without my machine is me without chocolate.  Yes, I do have my embroidery machine that sews......but this is my machine.  Oh well...some of you will understand and well..some of you will just roll your eyes.


I am thinking.

I can put it back in

How hard would it be...right????

Get a few tools....don't work (what do I know about tools?)

So....I bat my eyelashes at my husband and what do you know....

He is enlisted in my dirty detail.  Not too happy about it but enlisted non the less.

He finds the right tool and hands it to me.

I am shocked.

He wanted me to open this heart is racing a mile a minute.

Thoughts like.....what if I break it?

What if I touch the wrong thing and mess it all up?

A ton of "What ifs"

So....bat my eyelashes a little more, do a little whinning
and the man is enlisted again.

Once again he is not happy but at least he is taking screws out with my help of course....(smiling here)

Once we get the top open.  He leaves me.....WHAT!!!!!

Oh I look inside, start cleaning with my little brush.

Decide where this little lint catcher was (there are tell tell signs see lint fragments from me ripping it out...ooopsss).  You all understand....I was a gal on a mission and was not going to stop until succeeded.  Oh well..that is water under the bridge.

Get some gorrilla glue.  First I fit it in there to see how it goes.  Then I get the glue...this puppy is not going anywhere.

After much fanagaling it is in....I pat it down with my tweezers (trust me this is not an easy space to work in).  Wait a few minutes to see if it will stay....take a few up and down motions with the needle....  It is still engaged....


Oil the machine.

Close the lid and put the screws back in.

We are back in business!!!!

Crisis Averted!

So Ladies and Gents....if you see this in your machine pfaff creative vision 4.0 DO NOT...I REPEAT...DO NOT PULL IT OUT!!!


Barbara said...

Wow, my basic machine is a Pfaff and I always take it apart to clean and oil. I've never seen anything like this, guess my Pfaff doesn't have it. Lucky!

Wacky Woman said...

How fully. Looks just like a pipe cleaner to me.

QuiltSue said...

Well I never!

Linda said...

Wow, you are a brave soul. Good for you for putting it back in. I have two Pfaff machines and I've never seen these but I've never opened my machine like you did either. Thanks for the warning. Have fun and I hope your machine works great forever for you.

kc said...

Ah, yes, I should have known! I pulled the same little piece of "lint" off my Babylock bobbin case...Never did put it back on, but it wasn't long after that I had to purchase a new bobbin case anyway. Then, just for fun, I got a whole new machine. :) I always get hubby involved when screwing around too...he seems to enjoy it WAY more than I do! Nice job getting it back in place.

Lara B. said...

Barb, the way you told this made me laugh, even though of course it probably didn't feel funny at the time. This is one of the reasons I love the old sewing machines. Much easier to figure out and no 100 dollar servicing fees each year.

KaHolly said...

Good for you for getting it done! Who'd have thought? I had no idea! I'd shrivel up and blow away if I had to give up my machine for an undetermined amount of time, especially after traveling a month to get to it! Not this year! I'm flying directly out of Halifax to SA, then back the same way, no stopping along the way!

Teresa in Music City said...

What an adventure!!! Who ever said sewing was a mindless, sedentary activity? LOL!!!!!

Pedal Sew Lightly said...

I had to get my thread cutter fixed way back in 1995 when I first got my Viking. Flash forward to 2014 and my machine makes a terrible clunk and freezes. I opened it up and found a piece of sheet metal stuck in the works. After close inspection it was a thread cutter! It must have been floating around in there for 20 years! No wonder the machine was finicky. Glad you got your fuzzy bit back in place.

Dana Gaffney said...

Barb, that is funny and a weird little piece. I bought a service manual for my Janome to save the two hour drive and we took the whole machine apart to get to the mother board just to change a fuse. Scary but empowering and I saved $100.

Annie said...

That is so funny! I know, not really, but I know you gotta laugh about it now. We can teach ourselves so really nasty lessons can't we! I'm glad it all turned out so well for you.

Needled Mom said...

How interesting. I'm glad you could repair it for much less too.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, THAT taught ja!! Thanks for the info. I don't think my machine has one.

Tangos Treasures said...

WOW!! I was waiting to see what it was! Never saw one before. Good for you for getting it back together!!

beaquilter said...

a lint catcher? never would have guessed that! but I'm glad you put your big girl panties on and did it yourself!! yay, go buy some fabrics as a reward....

Susan Entwistle said...

You are a far braver woman than I in replacing it. I have no idea if there is one in a Bernina, but I'm not going to even look, and I promise, never to remove anything like it.