Monday, April 20, 2015

UP CYCLING - winner of the "Little Gem's" ebook and fabric

We had a little junk exchange at church on Friday and Saturday.  Great way to get rid of a lot of things but also have to use control when looking through others items hummmmm.....  Here WAS hoping I would go home with less.

When I brought this headboard home my husband said "What in the world did you bring home?"  I told him my plans for the head board (his eyes rolled)..... 
I did a humpf

immediately brought it in and did this!!!

Then wasted no time in using it.

Notice that table

 my mother's bed use to be there for when she wanted to come and visit.


I had a son leave home (no dancing here......... (smiling))

So............the bed went into the spare room and now I have more room.....and the sewing room is looking more like a sewing room.

The only thing I have left is to get a cabinet to hide all and I do mean ALL of the UFO's....

I tend to pile.

(still not dancing.....HA!!!!)  okay, maybe a little.

I was going to show you more of the room but....the fabrics need to be reorganized, I need to do something with the piles....Oh....I am also working on a project for Island Batik and.....a project of my own.

I had to find some fabric to finish my one project....can't wait to show you but yep....two projects going on so you can imagine the whirl wind.


The winner of the "Little Gems" e book and fabric is Sherry B.

Martingale - Little Gems (Print version + eBook bundle)

Ooooh, don't those fabrics look delicious! And your mini quilt is adorable. Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks for all of your awesome comments, sorry I have not responded to them all but please know it was fun reading them all.  A big thanks goes to Connie Kauffman,  Island Batik , and Martingale .  If you are interested in the book just click on Martingale.  What a fun book and a fun way to accent any wall in your home.


hetty said...

Good idea bringing the headboard home. Also nice to do an exchange like that. Your sewing room is looking good! I also have to organize my tops and UFOs. My fabrics are all over the place. Got to organize those too. It is raining today, so I think it will be a perfect day to tackle my sewing room.

Wacky Woman said...

I love your lime green accessories!

Mary said...

You are one amazing lady. Your patterns and quilts are so pretty. You give me inspiration for my Hawaiian fabric stash. Thank you.

Gene Black said...

Congrats to Sherry. I love the big ironing surface.

KaHolly said...

Such a great idea! Congrats to Sherry. It's always fun to be a winner!

Susan In Texas said...

You made yourself a big board out of a head board - awesome! I absolutely love my big board; I don't know how I ever managed to get anything ironed on that puny little ironing board I had before. You're going to love it!!!

Take care,
Susan in Texas