Friday, November 7, 2014


If you have been with me since the beginning of my blog, you would have known that I used Steam a Seam like I used toilet paper, or better yet like I eat chocolate!!

You probably noticed that it disappeared out of JoAnns!  We were all going...

                                       WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR STEAM A SEAM!!!  

Just click on the sentence above in caps and it will take you to the story of what happened.  It was interesting to know but a lot of us have moved on.

I have switched to HEAT N BOND, I use the Heat N Bond lite and I love love love it.

1.   What is more important to me since I live in a small town, Walmart carries it.
2.   Also it is at an affordable price for those of us counting our pennies.
3.  It comes in a roll.  Yes, you can get Steam a Seam in a roll but at a cost and I believe you have to order it       in a roll if I am not mistaken.
4.  I also like the idea that it has a stronger paper backing than Steam a Seam, just makes it easier and it             doesn't fall off the backing like Steam a Seam does at times.

Do I dislike Steam as Seam now?  No, not at all, it is just I have moved on.  Will I use Steam a Seam, if you give me some I will but I am happy with my Heat N Bond

Lite • Value PackLite 7/8" x 15 YardsIron-on Vinyl 17in x 2 yd Pack • Gloss


  1. Heat and Bond has been my GO TO for 40+ years. I swear by it!! Glad you like it too.

  2. Interesting! Who knew it would be so difficult to replace parchment paper?

  3. :) I think when Steam a Seam had a manufacturing process issue, which caused the product to be in short (or no) supply, many shops like JoAnns didn't re-order Steam a Seam when the manufacturing issues were resolved and the product came back in good supply. But good to know you are a happy camper with Heat N Bond. I definitely need to give it a try. To date, I've only had experience with the heavier Heat N Bond, which I think work great for non-sewing projects but not for sewing. I need to try the lighter weight versions with machine applique and other projects.


  4. I have always used the Heat and Bond as it was always easily accessible to me.

  5. Have always used Heat n Bond! Always will unless they change it in some way I do not like!

  6. I have used mostly Wonder Under or Mistyfuse and I like them both. I had a bad experience with Heat N Bond Ultra. I didn't realize that you can NOT sew thru the Ultra. I guess that is why I don't use it.

  7. I was one of those fortunate women who bought all the packages of Steam a Seam I found on clearance at Joann's. I am still using that up but for larger projects I have purchased the Heat n Bond Lite. It works great and the web does not pull away from the paper as often happened with the Steam a Seam.

  8. Lol, I don't even know what these products do! You are a master seamstress Barb, I'm a crafter/ artiste I guess. My mantra is "make it work"

  9. Heat n Bond Lite is my go to, mostly because it's less expensive, but I have always had good results. Glad you're saving money with me ~

  10. I usually don't fuze my applique. I used to use Heat and Bond but was told something about the glue, which caused me to change products. Naturally I don't remember what that was. I use Wonder Under when I need to fuze.

  11. So happy to find out what happened. I used mine up and was doing quiet book pages this summer and struggling to find something that worked as well. I haven't tried Heat and Bond but will give it a try if Steam A Seam isn't available when it's time to applique again.

  12. oh i miss my steam a seam but like you i have moved on.


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